Submarines Article Archive 2009



Cursed Boat Heading For IndiaIndia Prepares For The WorstExpecting The Unexpected
Bulava Blues Blocks More BoreisPowering Up ArihantIn Pursuit Of Silence And Superiority
The Bubble Head Is A LadyThe Last Kilo Limps HomeCollisions And The Curse Of The 1930s
Big Robots Operate In The ShadowsNew Russian Carrier KillersSubs That Fear Going To Sea
Yes, We Did It AgainFrance Embraces NemesisDismantling The Soviet Submarine Fleet
Israeli Dolphins Rule The WavesBrit SSBNs On The Chopping BlockIndia Embraces The Kilo Klub
Shooting Down Aircraft With TorpedoesSouth Korea Thinks Big, Really BigThe Long Voyage Home
Underwater Lasers Change EverythingScorpene Arrives In Southeast AsiaU.S. Boats Delayed Because Of Many Manufacturing Defects
Indian Submarine Fleet Fading AwayFrench Nukes For BrazilInformation Useful To The Enemy
Tackling Torpedo Troubles Over TimeReturning To North AmericaDroids For Bottom Dwellers
Crack Of DoomIndia Launches the Mysterious ArihantAmerican Women Trained To Serve On Subs
Thirty Year Old SSG Refurbished Peruvian U-Boat Stalks the USNYasen The Carrier Killer
Zombie Boomers Roam The SeasNew Russian Boomer Is Ready, AgainUp And Out
OutlawedI Hear You, Yes I DoLooks Like A Torpedo, Acts Like A Robot
Scorpene Sale Runs Onto The RocksPlaying Tag With The ChineseRoyal Navy Learns To Talk Under Water
Galley GoldPlastic Fantastic TerrifyingRussian Boomers Bumble Along
A Singular SensationHartford Limps HomeGuarding The Internet
Oz Opts For A Dirty DozenA Six Pack For Vietnam Sneak And Peek
British Subs Are Burning On ScheduleFirst Russian Nuke Faces The BreakersCollision Alley
Subs For CiviliansVirginia's Kid BrotherVanguard Gets New Guts
France Builds A U-BoatBetter Than The Real Thing3,839 Deployments
The Russian Navy Crawls Out Of The CellarNot So Rare At AllThings That Go Bump In The Deep
Why Boomers CollideTerrorizing The TargetsTripping On Some Trash
Scorpenes Headed For Southeast Asian HomeSailors Refuse To Board Cursed BoatVirginia In The Pacific
New Anglo-American Boomer DesignRussian Boomers Done Got The Breakdown Blues Again