0    Earth Day
238    The Senate declares Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus Pius & Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus Roman Co-Emperors (Apr 22-July 29, 238)
1073    Election of Pope Gregory VIII - Hildebrand (1073-1085), later canonized
1164    Frederick Barbarossa makes Guido di Crema [Anti-]Pope as "Paschal III" (1164-1168)
1363    Battle of Canturino: The White Company defeats the Milanese
1370    Construction of the Bastille begins in Paris
1509    Henry VIII becomes King of England, d. 1547
1521    King Francis I of France declares war on Spain
1526    First known slave revolt in what is now the US, South Carolina
1529    Treaty of Zaragoza: Spain & Portugal divide the eastern hemisphere
1676    Naval Battle off Etna/Agosta/Catania: Dutch-Spanish vs. French
1769    Madame du Barry becomes King Louis XV's "official" mistress
1796    Battle of Mondovi: Napoleon defeats the Piedmontese
1809    Battle of Eggmuhl: The French defeat the Austrians
1898    President McKinley orders blockade of Cuba
1898    USS 'Nashville' captures Spanish ship 'Buena Ventura'
1913    Balkan Wars: Montenegrans capture Scutari, Albania, from the Turks
1914    Mexico severs diplomatic relations with the US
1915    Second Battle of Ypres: Germany introduces poison gas
1930    Signing of the London Naval Arms Limitation Treaty -- Learn More
1944    Hitler & Mussolini confer at Berchtesgarten
1944    New Guinea: U.S. Army troops land near Hollandia
1945    3rd Inf Div demonstrates American cultural insensitivity by blowing up the Nuremberg Stadium swastika -- Learn More
1945    Soviet and Polish troops liberate the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, near Oranienburg in Brandenburg, which held many political leaders from Captive Nations and special military prisoners
1952    First live television broadcast of an atomic bomb test and of the Senate Army-McCarthy hearings
1954    Ticker tape parade on Broadway for the 4th Infantry Division, home from Korea
1961    General Raoul Salan attempts an anti-Gaullist coup in Algeria
1972    Astronauts John Young & Charles Duke take a dune buggy ride on the Moon
1983    Soyuz T-8 returns to Earth

1357    King Jao I of Portugal (1383-1433)
1451    Queen Isabella I of Castile-Leon (1479-1504), patron of Columbus
1515    Antoine de Bourbon, Duke of Vendome, King of Navarre (1555-1562).
1610    Pietro Ottoboni - Pope Alexander VIII (1689-91)
1792    Commo. Uriah Phillips Levy, noted Jewish US Navy officer, philanthropist, duelist, d. 1862
1818    Cadwallader Colden Washburn, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1882
1823    Alfred Gibbs, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1868
1827    William Hopkins Morris, Maj Gen, U.S.. d. 1900
1831    Alexander McDowell McCook, Maj Gen, U.S., of the "Fighting McCooks", d. 1903
1866    Hans von Seeckt, German military reformer, d. 1936
1870    Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, known as "Lenin" - intellectual mass murderer, d. 1924
1904    J. Robert Oppenheimer, physicist, head of Manhattan Project, d. 1967
1952    Tamara Sergeyevna Zakharova, cosmonaut

296    Pope St Gaius (283-296)
455    Roman Emperor Flavius Petronius Maximus (Mar 17-May 22, 455), c. 58
536    Pope Agapitus I (535-36)
1616    Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, 69, Lepanto marine and author ("Don Quixote")
1806    Pierre-Charles-Jean-Baptiste-Silvestre de Villeneuve, 42, French admiral who lost the big one at Trafalgar, of multiple stab wounds, ruled a suicide
1854    Nicolás Bravo Rueda, 67, Mexican Revolutionary, general, Regent of Mexico (1822). President (1839, 1842-1843, 1846)
1864    Bvt. Maj. Gen. Joseph G. Totten (USMA 1805), at 76, scholar and engineer
1994    Richard M Nixon, sometime naval officer, President (1969-1974), stroke at 81
2004    Patrick Daniel Tillman, 27, 2000 NFL All-Pro, US Army Ranger, 2002-2004, kia Afghanistan