1258    Naval Battle of Acre: Venetians defeat the Genoese
1287    Battle of the Counts: Ruggiero di Lauria's Aragonese-Sicilian fleet defeats the Angevins off Naples, taking many noble prisoners
1495    The French take Gaeta from the Neapolitans amid great slaughter
1532    Peace of Nuremburg: HRE Charles V secures peace in Germany by making concessions to the Protestants
1606    Treaty of Vienna: The Habsburgs grant religious freedom to Protestants
1757    Battle of Plassey: Clive's 2,800 troops defeat 50,000 Sirajis
1758    Battle of Krefeld: Anglo-Hanoverians defeat the French
1760    Battle of Landshut: Austrians defeat the Prussians
1784    Edward Warrern, 13, takes the first balloon flight in the US
1865    Stand Watie surrenders the last Confederate force still in the field
1898    Spanish blockade runners escape US ships off Havana
1902    Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Italy renew the Triple Alliance for 12 years
1915    First Battle of the Isonzo begins (to Jul 7)
1917    Ammunition factory explosion in Boleweg, Bohemia, c. 1000 die
1917    Japanese DD 'Matsu' is sunk by a German u-boat in the Mediterranean.
1933    USS 'Macon' (ZRS-5) is commissioned, the last Navy rigid airship, crashes 1935
1939    France turns the Sanjak of Alexandretta over to Turkey
1940    Hitler orders preparations for an invasion Switzerland
1942    Rommel breaks the Gazala Line and drives on Egypt
1943    Off San Cristobal Island, Japanese sub 'Ro-103' sinks transport 'Aldura' (AK-72) & damages 'Deimos' (AK-78), which has to be scuttled
1943    Trobriand Is: 158th RCT lands on Kirwina
1956    Gamal Abdel Nasser becomes president of Egypt (1956-1970)
1960    US-Japan security treaty signed
1961    Antarctic Treaty goes into effect
1961    USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 32,830 m
1964    Maxwell Taylor appointed ambassador to South Vietnam
1985    Air India Flight 182 is destroyed by a terrorist bomb off Ireland, 329 die
1990    Moldava declares independence from the Soviet Union

47BC Ptolemy XV Caesarion, apparent son of Cleopatra & Caesar, executed 30 BC
1534    Oda Nobunaga, Japanese warlord, d. 1582
1763    Josephine Beauharnais Bonaparte, Empress of the French (1804-10), d. 1814
1801    Daniel Smith Donelson, Maj Gen, C.S.A., d. 1863
1822    Young Marshall Moody, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1866
1838    Edwin Henry Stoughton, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1868
1894    Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, sometime King Edward VIII (Jan 20 - Dec 11, 1936), The Duke of Windsor (1937-1972) -- Learn More
1903    King Tribhuwan Bir Bikram Shah of Nepal (1911-1955), in exile 1950-1951
1912    Alan Turing, mathematician, cryptologist, d. 1954
1917    Peter Brunt, historian ("Italian Manpower, 225 BC - AD 14"), d. 2005.
1921    Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (1964-), last absolute monarch in Europe
1923    Giuseppina Tuissi, later known as "Gianna," Italian partisan leader [See: Deaths]
1924    Prince Bayezid Effendi -- Osman Bayezid Osmanoglu, sometime U.S. soldier, Heir to the Ottoman Throne (2009-17)
1938    The U.S. Maritime Service

79    Roman Emperor Vespasian (69-79), becoming a god at 69
840    King Louis I "the Pious" King of Aquitaine (781-840) and Holy Roman Emperor (814-833, 834-840), at c. 62
1290    Henryk IV Probus, c. 32, Silesia at Wroclaw (1266-1290), and High Duke of the Polish Seniorate Province of Kraków (1288-1290), poisoned
1514    Henry IV "the Elder" or "the Evil", 51, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg & Prince of Wolfenbüttel (1491-1514)
1565    Turgut Reis, c. 80, Ottoman sea dog, Admiral and Commander-in-Chief, Bey of Algiers and Djerba, Pasha of Tripoli
1691    Ottoman Sultan Suleiman II (1687-1691), 49 [possibly June 22]
1779    Mikael Sehul, c. 88, Ethiopian warlord, Ras of Tigray (1748-1771 & 1772-1779)
1945    Giuseppina Tuissi, on her 22nd birthday, "Gianna," Italian partisan leader who helped capture Mussolini, murdered, possibly by Stalinists
1980    Sanjay Gandhi, 33, son of Indira Gandhi, engineer, PM of India (Jan. 18-June 23, 1980), in an air crash
2009    Ed McMahon, Marine with 85 combat air missions, WW II & Korea, TV personality, at 86