0    Navy Day [See: Births, 1775 and 1858]
0    Religious Freedom Day [See Deaths, 1659]
625    Consecration of Pope Honorius I (625-628) - or 27 Nov
939    Edmund I (c. 17) suceeds his half-brother Athelstan as King of England (939-946)
1500    Pesaro surrenders to Cesare Borgia
1644    Second Battle of Newbury: An indecisive clash between English Parliamentarians and Royalists
1787    Publication of "The Federalist Papers" begins
1795    Treaty of San Lorenzo: US & Spain arrange navigation rights on the Mississippi
1810    U.S. annexes West Florida from Spain
1830    Belgian Revolution: Dutch bombard Antwerp
1848    Battle of Mestre: The Venetians defeat the Austrians
1861    Skirmish at Plattsburg, Mo
1861    Skirmish at Spring Hill, Mo
1864    Battle of Boydton Plank Road/Burgess' Mill/Southside Railroad, Va
1864    Battle of Fair Oaks, Va
1864    Lt William Cushing, USN, sinks CSS 'Albemarle' with a spar torpedo
1867    Garibaldi attempts a march on Rome
1914    British battleship 'Audacious' sunk by a mine, no casualties
1916    Battle of Segale: adherents of Emperor Iyasu V of Ethipia are defeated by those of the Empress Zewditu, who succeeds him.
1941    Nazis establish a gypsy ghetto in Belgrade
1942    Battle of the Santa Cruz Is: USS 'Hornet' (CV-8) sinks
1943    Marine 2nd Parachute Bn lands amphibiously on Choiseul
1943    N.Z. 8th Bde occupies Mono and Stirling, Treasury Is
1945    Ticker tape parade on Broadway for President Harry S Truman.
1948    Negev: Israel recaptures Nizzanim from the Egyptians
1954    Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. becomes the first black general in USAF
1961    Ticker Tape Parade on Broadway for the shipbuilders and crew of the USS 'Constellation' (CV-64), last warship built in New York
1962    Cuban Missile Crisis: The Soviets blink
1978    Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

921    Chai Rong/Guo Rong, the Shizong Emperor of the Later Zhou (954-959)
1156    Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse and Marquis of Provence (1194-1222)
1466    Desiderius Erasmus, humanist, d. 1536
1728    James Cook, naval officer, explorer, k. 1779
1775    The Continental Navy, later the USN
1828    Jacob Dolson Cox, Maj Gen, U.S. d. 1900
1842    Giovanni Giolitti, Garibaldino, five times Premier of Italy, d. 1926
1844    Klas Arnoldson, pacifist, 1908 Nobel Peace Prize, d. 1916
1858    Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., soldier, statesman, author, and more, d. 1919 -- Learn More
1894    Fritz Sauckel, Nazi slave master, executed 1945
1894    Oliver William Hargreaves Leese, Commander, British XXX Corps, Tunisia & Sicily, Eight Army, Italy, d. 1978
1946    Steven R Nagel, USAF, astronaut
1946    Terry J Hart, astronaut
1953    Michael A Baker, USN, astronaut

939    Athelstan, first to hold the title King of England (924-939), at about 45
1275    Duke John II "the Peaceful" of Brabant, Lothier, and Limburg (1294-1312), at 37.
1430    Vytautas "the Great", c. 80, Grand Duke of Lithuania (1392-1430)
1505    Tsar Ivan III Vasilevich of Russia (1462-1505), 65
1652    Count Henry of Nassau-Siegen
1659    Wm. Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson, hanged in Boston for Quakerism
1868    Count Alexander Waleweski, Napoleon I's bastard, III's foreign minister, at 58
1962    Maj Rudolph Anderson, USAF, 35, U-2 pilot, shot down over Cuba
1990    Elliott Roosevelt, sometime Brig. Gen., USAAF, at 80