753BC Romulus founds a city, kills his brother, names it for himself, and reigns as king (753-717 BC)
0    Feast of Saint Shemon Bar Sabbae, Bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, Martyred in the Sasanian Persecutions
1097    Aquitainian Crusaders under Bishop Adhemar and Count Raymond reach Constantinople
1503    Battle of Seminara: Gonzalvo de Cordoba's Spanish defeat the French in the Kingdom of Naples -- Learn More
1572    England and France ally against Spain
1738    Algerian pirates raid into the Bay of Naples
1739    Austria concedes the independence of Naples under the Duke of Parma, who rules as Charles IV (1739-1759), and is the half-brother of the King of Spain, whom he will later succeed
1796    Battle of Mondovi: Bonaparte defeats the Austrians
1809    Battle of Landshut: Napoleon's French & German troops defeat an Austrian army outnumbered two-to-one in a hard fight
1813    Battle of Bautzen, Day 2: Napoleon defeats the Russo-Prussians
1836    Battle of San Jacinto: Texas secures independence from Mexico -- Learn More
1849    Battle of Las Carreras: Major victory of the Domincans in their War for Independence from Haiti (1844-1856)
1861    USS 'Saratoga' captures the Boston-owned slaver 'Nightingale' with over 900 souls aboard, bound for the Confederacy
1864    President Lincoln reviews 72 court martial sentences, confirming some, reducing many, and reversing several
1865    Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Washington
1914    US Marines and sailors occupy Vera Cruz, Mexico
1928    Bomb explosion in a midtown Manhattan loft, nine injured; the case remains unresolved
1941    Greece surrenders to Nazi Germany
1944    TF 58 raids Hollandia & Wakde, to prepare for landings.
1945    Burma: Japanese decide to retire, abandoning Rangoon
1945    Ie Shima, off Okinawa, secured after five days fighting
1945    Red Army reaches the outskirts of Berlin
1954    USAF flies a French battalion to Vietnam
1961    USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 32,000 m
1967    Military coup in Greece
1967    Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin's daughter, seeks asylum in the US
1975    Nguyen Van Thieu resigns as president of South Vietnam

753BC Numa Pompilius, later the second King of Rome (715-673 BC)
1713    Louis, 4th duc de Noailles, Marshal of France, guillotined 1793
1729    Empress Catharine II "the Great" of Russia (1762-96)
1790    Manuel José Blanco y Calvo de Encalada, naval officer, Provisional President of Chile (1826), rose to vice admiral, d. 1876
1816    Louis Trezevant Wigfall, Brig Gen, C. S.A., d. 1874
1834    William Rufus Terrill, Brig Gen, U.S., KIA 1862
1852    Alberto Pollio, military historian, Chief-of-Staff of the Italian Army, 1912-1914, d. 1914
1915    Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca -- Anthony Quinn, American actor ("Back to Bataan," "Lawrence of Arabia," etc.), d. 2001
1926    Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, Queen of the United Kingdom (1952-)
1962    Sergei Viktorovich Zalyotin, cosmonaut

753BC Remus Silvius (18), accidentally (maybe not?) slain by his brother Romulus
323BC Alexander the Great, 32, noted conqueror & drunkard [Alt]
323BC Diogenes the Cynic, c. 80, noted cynic
586    King Leovigild of the Visgoths (569-586), c. 60
1073    Pope Alexander II - Anselmo da Baggio (1061-73)
1509    King Henry VII of England, 52, the first Tudor (1485-1509)
1574    Cosimo I de' Medici, c. 54, Duke of Florence (1537-1574), first Grand Duke of Tuscany (1569-1574)
1792    "Tiradentes" - Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, Brazilian revolutionary, executed at c. 45
1910    Mark Twain, 74, American humorist & novelist ("Huckleberry Finn"), Missouri militiaman who fabricated his humourously war experiences
1918    Manfred "The Red Baron" von Richthofen, ground fire after his aircraft had been disabled in air-to-air combat, at 25
1962    Frederick Handley Page, 76, pioneer aircraft designer
1971    Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, 64, Dictator/President of Haiti (1957-1971)
1997    Diosdado Macapagal, 86, former President of the Philippines (1961-65)
2004    Karl Hass, incarcerated Nazi war criminal, at 92