479BC Battle of Plataea: Greeks crush the Persians in Boeotia [Trad - more probably the 25th]
338BC Battle of Chaeronea: Philip of Macedon defeats the principal Greek states [Est]
216BC Battle of Cannae: Hannibal crushes a Roman Army -- Learn More
47BC "Veni, Vidi, Vici"; Caesar defeats Pharnaces II of Pontus at Zela
0    Paratroopers Day in Russia
0    Feast of Pope Saint Stephan I
0    VJ Day
1057    Federick of Lorraine elected Pope as Stephen X [IX] (1057-1058)
1247    HR Emperor Frederick II besieges Parma (lifted Feb 18, 1248)
1492    King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of the Spains order the expulsion of the Jews
1530    Battle of Gavinara: Spanish-Medician forces defeat the Florentines
1554    Battle of Marciano: Spanish-Medician forces defeat the Franco-Sienese near Florence
1740    First public performance of Thompson's & Arne's "Rule, Britannia!" -- Learn More
1770    Battle of the Pruth: Russians defeat the Turks, who lose 20,000
1776    Royal Navy lands 32,000 British & Hessians on Staten I, near New York City
1802    Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself "Consul for Life" of France
1819    First parachute jump in the US, from a balloon
1831    Dutch invade secessionist Belgium (withdraw Aug 12)
1832    Battle of the Bad Axe River: final action of the Black Hawk War, many Indians slain
1865    In the mid-Pacific, CSS 'Shenandoah' learns the Civil War ended four months earlier
1867    Wagon Box Fight: c. 30 army woodcutters defeat c. 1000 Sioux
1870    Battle of Saarbrucken: French troops capture Saarbucken - the only victory of Napoleon III's Imperial Army in the Franco-Prussian War
1887    Rowell Hodge receives a patent for barbed wire
1903    Macedonians began an unsuccessful uprising against the Turks
1904    British capture Lhasa, Tibet
1911    President/Dictator of Haiti François C. Antoine Simon (1908-1911) flees in a US warship
1914    Russian troops invade Eastern Prussia
1914    Germany occupies Luxembourg, without a declaration of war.
1917    First deck landing on an underway warship: CDR E. H. Dunning, RNAS, in a Sopwith Pup aboard HMS 'Furious' at Scapa Flow
1928    Mussolini signs peace treaty with Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1931    Albert Einstein urges scientists to refuse military work
1934    German Armed Forces swear a "Holy Oath" to the unholy Adolf Hitler
1941    Jews are expelled from Hungarian Ruthenia
1943    Blackett Str: JFK's 'PT-109' rammed & sunk by HIJMS 'Amagiri'.
1943    New Georgia: 27th RCT arrives to reinforce U.S. troops.
1943    Riot at Treblinka Concentration Camp
1944    Burma: Chinese troops heavily engaged at Teng-chung.
1944    Turkey breaks diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany
1945    B-29s drop 6,600 tons of bombs on five Japanese cities.
1950    The 1st Marine Provisional Bde lands at Pusan
1964    Gulf of Tonkin: North Vietnamese patrol boats attack USS Maddox, escorting CIA gun runners
1990    Iraq invades & occupies Kuwait, initiating the First Gulf War, "Desert Shield/Desert Storm"

1424    John II of Anjou, Duke of Lorraine (1453-1470), titular King of Naples
1674    Philippe d'Orleans, French nobleman, soldier, and Regent Regent for Louis XV (1715-1723), d. .1723
1696    Ottoman Sultan Mahmud I (1730-54)
1785    Oliver Hazard Perry, USN, who "met the enemy" on Lake Erie, d. 1819
1810    Luigi Ghilardi, liberal soldier-of-fortune, Garibaldino, Juarista, executed by the French, 1864
1826    William Denison Whipple, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1902
1834    Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, French: sculptor ("The Statue of Liberty," "The Lion Monument" of Belfort, etc.), d. 1904
1868    King Constantine I of Greece (1913-1917 & 1920-1922), brilliant commander, d. 1923.
1929    John Maxtone-Graham, sometime marine, maritime historian ("The Only Way to Cross," etc.), d. 2015
1932    Peter O'Toole, sometime Royal Navy signalman, actor ("Lawrence of Arabia," "The Lion in Winter," etc.). d. 2013

338BC King Archidamus III of Sparta (360-338 BC), kia, Manuria, Sicily
216BC Lucius Aemilius Paullus, c. 45, Consul, plus two former consuls, 77 senators, 2 quaestors, 29 military tribunes, and at least 40,000 other Romans, kia, along with maybe 10,000 Carthaginian, African, Spanish, and Gallic troops, Cannae
461    Roman Emperor in the West Majorian (457-461), c. 40, murdered
640    Pope Severinus (28 May-2 Aug 640)
686    Pope John V (685-686)
1100    King William II "Rufus", c. 44, by a "stray" arrow while hunting in the New Forest
1222    Raymond VI, 65, Count of Toulouse and Marquis of Provence (1194-1222)
1589    King Henri III of France (1573-1589), 37, of wounds from an assassination attempt the previous day
1799    Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, 49, co-inventor of ballooning with his brother Joseph-Michel
1822    Alexander Graham Bell, 75, Scottish-American inventor of the practical telephone
1849    Mehemet Ali Pasha of Egypt (1805-1848), c.80, empire builder, slave trader
1876    James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, 39, shot by Jack McCall while holding black aces & eights & a jack of diamonds
1903    "Calamity Jane" - Martha Jane Cannary, 51
1921    Enrico Caruso, 48, noted tenor --
1934    Paul von Hindenburg, 86, field marshal, President of Germany (1928-1934), leaving the country in Hitler's hands
1936    Louis Bleriot, 64, pioneer aviator
1946    Andrei Andreyevich Vlasov (45), Soviet general, traitor, executed
1955    Generalfeldmarschall Rupprecht Maria Luitpold Ferdinand, Crown Prince of Bavaria, Duke of Bavaria, of Franconia and in Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, WW I German general, anti-Nazi, at 86
1956    Albert Woolson, sometime drummer boy, Coy C, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery, USV, last Civil War veteran, at 106
2012    Sir John Keegan, OBE, FRSL, 78, historian -- "The Face of Battle", etc.