0    Feast of St. Quirinus of Neuss, Patron of Knights, Soldiers, and Horsemen
0    Armed Force Day in the Republic of Georgia
0    Camerone Day in the French Foreign Legion
37    Roman proconsul Lucius Vitellius (father of a later emperor) arranges a sacrifice to "the God of the Jews" at the Temple of Jerusalem.
311    Roman Emperor Galerius issues an edict of toleration for Christians
313    Battle of Tzirallum: Licinius defeats his rival Maximinus II Daia, to become sole Roman Emperor in the East
462    Solar eclipse visible in Greece
1305    Massacre of Adrianople: Byzantine Emperor Michael IX Palaiologos contrives the destruction of the Catalan Company
1349    Massacre of the Jews of Radolszell, Germany
1492    Ferdinand & Isabella agree to bankroll Columbus
1527    Treaty of Westminster: Anglo-French alliance against Spain
1563    King Charles VI orders the Jews expelled from France
1592    Torquato Tasso is escorted by Marco Sciarra's brigands through bandit-infested mountains around Itri -- Learn More
1635    Treaty of Compiegne: Franco-Swedish alliance in the Thirty Years' War
1789    George Washington is inaugurated as the First President of the United States, at Federal Hall, NY
1794    Menin, Belgium: Austrians break out of a French siege
1838    Nicaragua declares independence from the Central American Federation
1848    Battle of Pastrengo: Piedmontese defeat the Austrians
1849    Battle of the Villa Pamfili: The Garibaldini defeat the French outside Rome, who fall back on Civitavecchia
1860    Battle of Fort Defiance: U.S. troops beat off a Navaho attack
1861    Lincoln orders Federal troops to evacuate the Indian Territory
1862    Skirmishing at Swift Run Gap, WV
1863    Battle of Camerone: Heroic French Foreign Legion defense against an overwhelming Mexican force
1864    Battle of Jenkins' Ferry: Inconclusive action bungled by both sides
1871    American & Mexican bandits murder 144 Apaches in Arizona
1900    USA annexes Hawaii
1904    Christian Hülsmeye patents the "telemobiloscope," an early radar, which is totally ignored.
1906    The Meiji Emperor reviews the victorious Imperial Army at the Yakusuni Shrine, a date observed as Imperial Army Day, until 1945
1937    General Douglas MacArthur marries Jean Faircloth
1942    British troops evacuate Mandalay in Burma
1942    Luzon: Japanese bombardment of Corregidor and harbor forts continues.
1942    USS 'Peto' (SS-265) is launched, first submarine built on the Great Lakes, at Manitowoc
1943    Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp for Jews established
1943    Chinese halt Japanese in Hupeh, ending threat to Chungking.
1943    Panay: USS 'Gudgeon' (SS-211) conducts supply mission to Filipino guerrillas
1944    U.S. carrier aircraft begin two day raid on Truk
1945    American & Soviet forces link up at Torgau in Germany
1945    Okinawa: Kamikaze attacks continue on the U.S. fleet.
1945    Red Army liberates the Ravensbruck concentration camp
1945    The Red Banner is raised over the Reichstag Building in Berlin
1961    Fidel Castro receives the Lenin Peace Prize
1980    Abdication of Queen Juliana (1948-80) & Accession of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands (1980-2012), who also abdicates
1980    Terrorists seize the Iranian Embassy in London
2012    Abdication of Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands (r. 1980-2012), third Dutch Queen Regnant in a row since 1880, and the third to abdicate, and the accession of her son as William IV, the first Dutch king since 1880

1245    King Philip III "the Bold" of France (1270-1285), who bankrupted the kingdom trying to conquer Aragon
1309    King Kazimierz III "The Great" of Poland (1333-70)
1595    Dukce Henri II de Montmorency, French general and admiral, executed By Richelieu for rebellion, 1632
1798    The US Department of the Navy
1803    Albrecht Theodor Emil, Graf von Roon, Prussian soldier and military reformer, field marshal, d. 1879
1805    William Kerley Strong, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1867
1893    Joachim von Ribbentrop, inept German soldier, Nazi politician and Foreign Minister (1938-1945), war criminal, executed 1946.
1908    106th Rescue Wing, oldest Air Guard unit, formed as the First Company, Signal Corps, 71st Regiment, NYNG
1909    Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (1948-80), d. 2004
1938    Bugs Bunny, sometime U.S. Marine
1946    King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden (1973- )
1993    The World Wide Web

313    Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximinus Daia, c.42, erstwhile Roman Emperor (305-312), possibly of despair over his defeat or maybe just poisoned
535    Queen Amalasuntha of the Ostrogoths (516-534), 40, strangled by order of her husband Theodahad, who assumes the throne (534-536),
1305    Roger de Flor (c. 38), Count of Malta and Captain of the Catalan Company, with some 1,300 of his mercenaries, massacred at Adrianople troops of Emperor Michael IX
1524    Pierre Terrail, Seigneur de Bayard, "The knight without fear nor equal", gunshot at the Sesia, Italy, at c. 50 -- Learn More
1632    Johann Tserclaes, 73, Count of Tilly, Imperial field marshal, kia Ingolstadt
1632    Sigismund III Vasa, 65, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (1657-1632), King of Sweden (1592-1599)
1792    John Montague, Earl of Sandwich, naval officer, bon vivant, culinary innovator, at 73
1828    King Shaka zan Senzagakona of the Zulu (1816-1828), c. 41, murdered by his brothers
1847    Archduke Charles of Austria (75), Napoleon's "Great Enemy" -- Learn More
1864    William Read Scurry, 43, Brig. Gen., C.S.A., kia, Battle of Jenkins' Ferry
1945    Adolph Hitler (56) and Eva Braun (33), suicide
1945    Col. William O. Darby, of "Darby's Rangers," kia at 34 near Lake Garda, while serving as Assistant Commander, 10th Mountain Div
1972    King Ntare V Ndizeye of Burundi (1966-1972), 24, murdered