27BC The Senate grants Octavian the honorific "Augustus"
9BC Ovation for Tiberius's victories in Pannonia
378    Tikal is captured by the Teotihuacan general Siyaj K'ak'
550    King Totila of the Ostrogoths captures Rome from the East Romans, by bribing the garrison.
929    Emir Abd-ar-Rahman III of Andalous established the Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba with himself as Caliph (929-961)
1495    French under Charles VIII invest Gaeta (falls Feb 16).
1547    Grand Prince Ivan IV "the Terrible" of Moscovy (1533-1547) declares himself Tsar of all the Russias (1542-1584)
1556    Charles I of Spain (r. 1516-1556) abdicates the throne to his son, Philip II (1556-1598)
1776    Continental Congress approves enlistment of free blacks
1777    Vermont declares independence from NY
1780    First Battle of Cape St Vincent: Rodney defeats the Spanish fleet
1795    Pichegru's French army occupies Utrecht, the Netherlands
1797    Battle of La Favorita: Bonaparte defeats the Austrians, who lose 5,000 prisoners
1809    Battle of La Coruna: The English defeat the French
1861    Lt Adam Slemmer, USA, again rejects demands by Florida state troops to surrender Ft Pickens
1863    Raiding cruise of CSS 'Florida' begins (ends Aug 23)
1864    Battle of Dandridge, Tn.
1920    National Prohibition under the XVIII Amendment goes into effect at midnight; repealed in 1933
1924    During Fleet Problem III, an "enemy" agent "sabotages" the battleship 'New York' (BB 34) in the Panama Canal -- Learn More
1941    Battle of the Gulf of Siam: The French Indochina Squadron defeats the Thai Navy
1941    The War Department forms a squadron for black aviation cadets
1942    Bataan: Heavy fighting
1942    Malaya: British try to hold the Muar River against Japanese forces
1942    Rio Conference: 21 American republics discuss hemispheric defense
1943    Guadalcanal: 2nd Marine Div clears Japanese troops out of "the Ravine"
1943    Papua: U.S. and Australians mop up Japanese forces around Sanananda
1944    Gen Eisenhower takes command of Operation Overlord
1945    TF 38 aircraft attack Japanese held Hong Kong.
1945    US First and Third Armies meet at Houffalize, Belgium
1951    Viet Minh offensive at Hanoi
1954    "South Pacific" closes after 1928 performances at the Majestic Theatre in NY
1957    Three B-52s leave California on the first non-stop world flight
1963    Khrushchev claims to have a 100-megaton nuclear bomb
1969    Soviet Soyuz 4 & Soyuz 5 perform first crew transfer in space
1970    Col Kadhaffi becomes premier of Libya, deposed & executed 2011
1992    Chapultepec Peace Accords: Salvadorian factions agree to end 12-year civil war that killed 75,000.
2001    Andrew J. Smith, 55th Mass, posthumously awarded a Medal of Honor, for Nov 30, 1864.
2001    Theodore Roosevelt is awarded a Medal of Honor for San Juan Heights in 1898 -- Learn More

1409    Rene I, King of Naples, Sicily, and Jerusalem (1435-1442)
1616    François de Vendôme, Duc de Beaufort, French soldier, kia 1669
1791    Henryk Dembinski, Polish patriot and soldier of fortune (Napoleonic wars; Poland, 1830; Hungary, 1848, Ottoman Empire), d. 1864
1807    Charles Henry Davis, Rear Adm, U.S., d. 1877
1815    Henry Halleck, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1872; "Old Brians" or "Woodenhead"
1822    Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d'Orléans, Duke of Aumale, French soldier, d. 1897 -- Learn More
1825    George Edward Pickett, Maj Gen, C.S.A., d. 1875
1834    Albert Lindley Lee, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1907
1836    King Francis II of the Two Sicilies (1859-1861), the last Bourbon Italian sovereign, d. in exile 1894
1837    James Phillip Simms, Brig Gen, C.S., d. 1887
1853    Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton, brilliantly inept British commander at Gallipoli, d. 1947
1901    Fulgencio Batista, President/Dictator of Cuba (1933-44, 1952-59), d. 1973
1910    David McCampbell, Pacific War ace, 34 kills, d. 1996
1920    Prince Joachim Murat, 7th Prince Murat & 6th Prince of Pontecorvo, kia, 1944 during the Liberation of France

309    Pope St. Marcellus I (May 27, 308-Jan 16, 309)
975    Count Theobald I "the Trickster" of Blois, Chartres, and Châteaudun, and of Tours, c. 62
1160    Margrave Herman III "the Great" of Baden (1130-1160) and of Verona (1153-1160), c. 55
1243    Margrave Herman V of Baden and Verona (1190-1243), c. 62
1343    Robert "the Wise" of Anjou, c. 65, Duke of Calabria (1296-1309), titular King of Jerusalem and of Naples (1309-1343) and Count of Provence and Forcalquier (1309-1343).
1443    Erasmo da Narni - "Gattamelata," Lord of Padua, condottiero, at c. 72 --
1794    Edward Gibbon, militiaman, historian, at 56 -- Learn More
1809    Lt. Gen. Sir John Moore, 47, kia at Coruña, Spain
1831    Peter Francisco, c. 90, mysterious, heroic, and heroically-sized Revolutionary War veteran -- Learn More
1833    Banastre Tarleton, 78, brutal British general in the American Revolution
1942    Carole Lombard, 33, actress, plane crash during a war bond drive
1957    Arturo Toscanini, anti-fascist conductor, at 89
2014    Hiroo Onoda, 91, Japanese Army officer who did not surrender until 1974, on his 52nd birthday
2017    Capt. Eugene Cernan, USN, 82, astronaut, the last surviving person to have walked on the moon