202BC Coronation of Liu Bang as the Emperor Gaozu of China (202-195 BC), initiating the Han Dynasty
1246    Ferdinand III of Castile liberates Jaen from the Moors after a long siege
1653    Three day Naval Battle of Portland begins: Tromp's Dutch defeat Blake's English
1667    The Dutch capture Surinam from the English
1710    Battle of Helsingborg: The Swedes defeat a Danish invasion
1778    The Rhode Island General Assembly authorizes enlistment of black troops
1799    Jean-Etienne Championnet, commander of French troops in Naples, sacked as a looter
1836    The Battle of San Patricio: Mexicans defeat Texians in a surprise cavalry attack
1844    USS 'Princeton': 12-inch gun "Peacemaker" explodes with heavy casualties -- Learn More
1847    Battle of the Sacramento River: US forces under Alexander Doniphan defeat the Mexicans in Chihuaua
1864    Kilpatrick's Raid on Richmond begins (to 10 March)
1893    USS 'Indiana' (BB-1) launched, the first American first class battleship
1900    Relief of Ladysmith: British troops break a 118 day Boer siege
1933    Hitler bans the German Communist Party
1942    Dutch East Indies: Japanese land on Java, last Allied bastion in the East Indies
1942    Battle of Sunda Strait: Japanese cruiser squadron engages Allied cruisers USS 'Houston' & HMAS 'Perth' c. 2350.
1943    8 Japanese transports with c. 7000 troops sail from Rabaul for Lae
1943    Burma: Japanese operations against Kachin guerrillas.
1944    Alamo Scouts are withdrawn from Los Negros, as Allied air strikes continue
1944    Mounted 2nd Cav Div (Colored) ships out for North Africa.
1944    Marshal of the Soviet Union Nicholai Fyodorovich Vatutin, is mortally wounded in an ambush by Ukrainian partisans, dies Apr 15th
1945    Philippines: U.S. forces land on Palawan
1976    Spain withdraws from Western Sahara
1990    65th American manned space mission, Atlantis 6, begins
2013    Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) resigns at 85 (r. 2005-2013) -- first papal resignation since 1415

1155    Henry, son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, junior king of England (1170-1183)
1621    Grand Duke Cosimo II de' Medici of Tuscany (1609-1621), at 30, patron of Galileo
1712    Louis Joseph de Montcalm de Saint-Véran, m/w, Quebec, 1759
1797    Prince Frederick of Netherlands, token corps commander at Waterloo, d. 1881
1813    Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti (1827-1877)
1817    James Craig, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1888
1822    Matthew Duncan Ector, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1879
1824    John Creed Moore, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1910
1825    Quincy Adams Gillmore, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1888
1833    Alfred Graf von Schlieffen, Chief of the German General Staff (1891-1896), alleged military genius, d. 1913 -- Learn More
1893    Col. John W. Thomason, USMC, "The Kipling of the Corps", d. 1944
1907    Milton Caniff, cartoonist ("Terry & the Pirates", "Steve Canyon"), d. 1988
1912    Clara Petacci, lover of Mussolini, k. 1945
1926    Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin's daughter, American, d. 2011

468    Pope St. Hilary I (461-468)
628    Shah Khosrow II of Sassanid Persia (590-628), c. 58, murdered by his son, who had just overthrown him
1069    King Abu Amr Abbad II al-Mu'tadid of Seville (1042-1069)
1105    Count Raymond of Toulouse (1088-1105), c. 60
1447    Humphrey, 56, Duke of Gloucester (1414-1447), brother to Henry V, possibly murdered
1525    Cuauhtemoc, c. 30, the last Aztec Emperor (1520-1521), hanged by Cortez
1616    Vincent Fettmilch & six other anti-Semitic fanatics, beheaded for leading an attack on the Jews of Frankfurt
1621    Grand Duke Cosimo II de'Medici of Tuscany (1609-1621), 30
1648    King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway (1588-1648), 70
1781    Richard Stockton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, at 50
1844    SecState Abel P Upshur, SecNav Thomas W Gilmer, Rep Virgil Maxey of Maryland, Capt Beverly Kennon, Chief, Bureau of Construction, Equipment, & Repair, David Gardiner of New York, the father of Julia Gardiner, fiancée to Pres John Tyler, presidential slave-valet Armistead Tyler, and two others, explosion, USS 'Princeton'
1925    Friedrich Ebert, first President of the German Republic (1918-1925), in office at 54
1941    King Alfonso XIII di Borbone of Spain (1889-1931), 54, born a king, deposed, died in exile
1942    Karel Willem Doorman, 52, Dutch admiral, Commander ABDA Force, kia Battle of the Java Searal who commanded ABDACOM
1966    Charles A Bassett II (34) and Elliot McKay See Jr (34), astronauts, in a T-38 crash
1986    Sven Olof Palme (59), PM of Sweden (1969-1976, 1982-1986), assassinated in Stockholm
2007    Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., 89, OSS veteran, historian ("The Age of Jackson")