480BC Leonidas reaches Thermopylae with 300 Spartans and 700 Allies [Trad]
0    National Airborne Day, US
0    Children's Day in Paraguay [See 1869]
1153    Crusaders invest Ascalon
1298    Battle of Castello di Caprona: the Florentines (including Dante) defeat the Pisans
1513    Battle of the Spurs: Henry VIII routs the French
1717    Austrians break Turkish siege of Belgrade against enormous odds
1777    Battle of Bennington, Vt: Americans defeat British
1778    French surrender Pondicherry to the British
1780    Battle of Camden: British decisively defeat the Americans
1812    Gen. Isaac Hull surrenders Detroit & the Michigan territory to England
1819    "Peterloo Massacre" - British troops fire on protesters at Manchester, 11 die
1854    Anglo-French forces capture Bomarsund, on the Baltic, from the Russians, posing a threat to St. Petersburg
1855    Battle of the Tchernaya: Russians fail to break Franco-Sardinian lines
1859    Giuseppe Garibaldi assumes command of the Army of the Italian League, formed by the provisional governments of Florence, Modena, Parma, and Bologna
1861    Skirmish at Fredericktown & Kirkville, Mo.
1864    Battle of Front Royal, Va
1866    Battle of Condino: The Garibaldini defeat the Austrians
1869    Battle of Acosta Ñu/Campo Grande: A Paragyan Army (mostly of child soldiers) is overwhelmed by a superior Brazilian-Allied force
1907    Abd al-Hafid ousted as sultan of Morocco
1914    Adolf Hitler joins the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry
1914    Battle of Mt. Cher begins: Serbs repel an Austrian invasion by the 19th.
1914    Emiliano Zapata & Pancho Villa capture Mexico City
1916    Sixth Battle of the Isonzo ends (from Aug 6)
1918    US troops capture Archangelsk
1934    US ends occupation of Haiti, begun in 1915
1942    Ichiki Detachment (c. 1000) sails from Truk for Guadalcanal
1942    Japanese land reinforcements at Buna, in northwestern New Guinea
1943    Japanese super-battleship 'Yamato' arrives at Truk after a long refit, to spend months swinging at anchor.
1943    US troops encounter stiff resistance on Baanga I., near New Georgia
1943    Vella Lavella: 25th Infantry Div encounters moderate resistance.
1945    Soviet troops land on South Sakhalin.
1946    Calcutta: Muslim-Hindu rioting, 3000-4000 die
1948    Palestine: Arabs blow up the Latrun pumping station

1622    Tsjerk de Vries, Dutch admiral, d/w, this date 1666
1763    Frederick Augustus, the Duke of York & Albany, inept general, superb commander-in-chief, d. 1827 -- Learn More
1828    Joseph Bradford Carr, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1895
1831    Edward Payson Chapin, Brig Gen, U.S., kia 1863
1848    Vladimir Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinov, splendidly uniformed if inept Russian Russian Minister of War (1909-1915), d. 1926
1888    Thomas Edward Lawrence -- "Lawrence of Arabia", British scholar and soldier, d. 1935
1892    Harold Foster, cartoonist ("Tarzan", "Prince Valiant"), d. 1982
1904    Minoru Genda, Japanese airman who planned the Pearl Harbor attack, d. 1989, one day short of 85
1913    Menachem Begin, terrorist, Israeli PM (1977-83), 1978 Peace Nobelist, d. 1992
1923    Shimon Peres, Israeli PM (1984-1986, 1995-1996), President (2007-2014)
1943    4th Marine Div, at Camp Pendleton
1956    Béla Ferenc Dezso Blaskó -- Bela Legosi, 73, Hungarian-American actor

1153    Bernard de Tramelay, 4th Master of the Templars, kia, Ascalon
1258    Emperor Theodore II Doukas Laskaris of Nicaea (1254-1258), c. 46
1297    Emperor John II Megas Komnenos of Trebizond (1280-1297), c. 35
1675    Bogdan Chmilnicki - Bohdan Zynoviy Mykhailovych Khmelnytsky, c. 62, Cossack hetman, who murdered 300,000 Jews
1921    Peter I Karadordevic, 77, King of Serbia (1903–1918) and of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (1918-1921)
1945    Vice Admiral Takihiro Onishi, 54, founder of the Kamikaze, on a mission
1949    Margaret Mitchell, 48, novelist ("GWTW"), a day after being hit by a taxi
1949    Tom Wintringham, British radical, International Brigader, godfather of the Home Guard, poet, at 51
1959    Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey, 76
1977    Elvis Aaron Presley, 42, sometime sergeant, 3rd Armored Division
2002    Abu Nidal (Sabri al-Banna), Palestinian terrorist, suicide (b. 1937)
2003    Idi Amin, 78, maniacal dictator/president of Uganda (1971-1979), in bed, unfortunately