4004BC The Creation, in 4004 BC, at nightfall Greenwich time, according to the Irish Protestant Bishop James Ussher
2134BC Chinese scholars make the earliest recorded observation of an eclipse
0    Feast of Pope St. John Paul II, Patron of Krakow
180    Triumph of the maniacal Roman Emperor Commodus for alleged victories over the Germans
1202    Count Walter III of Brienne defeats Count Dietpoldo di Acerra to secure control of Puglia
1303    Nicholas Boccasini elected Pope as Benedict XI (22 Oct 1303-7 Jul 1304), later beatified
1643    Castro War: Battle of Pitigliano - Tuscans defeat a superior Papal Army, to relieve a siege
1707    Four British warships run aground in the Scilly Is., c. 2000 die
1734    Duke Charles of Bourbon-Parma captures Capua from the Austrians
1764    Battle of Bakshar: English defeat the Moguls
1797    First parachute jump: Andre-Jacques Garnerin, from a balloon 3,200 feet above Paris
1836    Sam Houston inaugurated as 1st elected President of the Republic of Texas (1836-1838)
1844    The "Great Disappointment" as the Second Coming fails to occur, according to the prediction of American Baptist William Miller.
1846    Lavinia Watson becomes the first woman to sponsor a US warship, the frigate 'Germantown'
1861    Combat at Buffalo Mills, Mo
1861    Skirmish at Hodgeville, Ky
1904    Russian fleet shoots up British fishing trawlers in the North Sea
1928    China expels all Soviet instructors and advisors
1937    The Windsors, history's most useless couple, visit Hitler in Obersalzburg
1942    Australians land on Goodenough Island, against c. 300 Japanese troops.
1943    Archibald Wavell becomes Governor-General and Viceroy of India (1943-1947)
1944    Japanese naval forces converge on Leyte.
1946    Two British ships mined off Albania
1954    West Germany joins NATO
1962    Missile Crisis: JFK imposes naval "quarantine" on Cuba
1979    Deposed Shah of Iran arrives in NY for medical treatment

1071    Duke William IX "the Troubadour" of Aquitaine and Gascony & Count William VII of Poitou (1080-1127), Crusader
1689    King João V of Portugal (1706-1750)
1810    Henry Bohlen, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1862
1847    General Jacobus Herculaas de la Rey, known as Koos de la Rey, ablest Boer general, d. 1914
1875    The Sons of the American Revolution
1887    John Reed, radical journalist ("Ten Days that Shook the World"), d. 1920
1913    Bao Dai, Emperor of Vietnam (1925-1945), Head of State (1949-1955), d. 1997
1913    Endre Ernõ Friedmann, later known as Robert Capa, Hungarian-born American photojournalist, d. 1954 -- Learn More
1933    Donald H Peterson, USAF, astronaut

322BC Demosthenes, c. 62, Athenian hoplite, orator, & politician, in exile on Calauria [or the 25th]
741    Charles "The Hammer" Martel, Duke and Prince of the Franks (718-741), c. 63, who halted the Moors at the Battle of Tours
1383    King Ferdinand I "the Wise" of Portugal and the Algarves (1367-1383), c. 42
1494    Duke Gian Galeazzo II Maria Sforza of Milan (1476-1494), at 25, possibly done in by his uncle Ludovico, who succeeded him
1906    Paul Cézanne, 67, Post-Impressionist artist, draft dodger of 1870
1909    General Wilhelm Lorenz Sigismund von Schlichting, student of the great Motlke, military reformer, passed over by Kaiser Wilhelm , at 70
1934    Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, 30, American bank robber
2002    Samuel L. Gravely, Jr., 80, first black American admiral