Submarines Article Archive 2014



Scorpene Goes LongDealing With The ElderlyVirginia Slips
Very Special RobotsIndia Obtains Submarine Launched HarpoonSouth Korea Climbs The Learning Curve
A Chinese FirstRoyal Navy RestocksThe Death Dance Of The American SSNs
The Twenty Year Itch Gets ScratchedGreeks Bearing LawsuitsThe Royal Navy Regrets
Turkey Takes To MK-48Iranian Sub Lost While Practicing To Sink U.S. CarrierCheaper By The Dozen
India Seeks A Kilo KillerU.S. Robotic Subs Search For MH370 WreckageNazi U-Boats Prowl The Coasts Of Asia
Dolphins Go To WarIndia Battles The Tides And LosesVietnam Gets Game Against China
Iran Brings Back The 60sThe Cursed Canadian BoatsRussian SSGN Stumbles Across The Finish Line
Taiwan Gets Sub Launched HarpoonsU.S. Navy Expands Its Fleet Of Robotic SubsReinforcing The Black Sea Fleet