Submarines Article Archive 2012


It's Quiet Out There, Too QuietUndersea Tech Goes CivilianFrance Creates SAMs For Subs
Borei Boomers Delayed Yet AgainOld Boats Never Die, They Get RecycledIran And The Kilo Kludge
South Korea To The RescueMiami Survives The HeatVietnamese Kilo Hits The Water
The Cocaine Boats Head For EuropeAn Indian Tale Of WoeThe Song Does Not Remain The Same
Save The Last Foxtrot For MeThe Ghost Boats Of South AfricaMystery Sub Terrorizes Americans
Russian Tech Stumbles AgainIran Announces Another MiracleU.S. Navy Rethinks The Silent Service
60 Years Of Stuff We Can't Talk AboutVirginia Heads For Block IIIWomen Join The Crews Of U.S. Boats
The Mysterious Iranian ThreatThe War Spreads To The Caribbean Seawolf Gets A Secret Upgrade
Knifefish Goes RoboIndia Finally Gets Its Russian NukeBiggest Boomer Put Down For Good
Robotic Submarines Prowl The Belgian CoastKilo Eats Its ChildrenAn Old Cure For Venezuelan Naval Ambitions
It Is Now A Six PackOceans Empty Of RussiansThe Shame Of The Russian Navy
All Digital, Much CheaperIt's Worse Than It SoundsOscar Shifts From Quality To Quantity
Russian SSBN Sunk To Save It



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