Procurement Article Archive 2006


Huge Helicopter Fleet Stays That WaySecond Hand MiG-27s and Kfirs Go To WarIndian Mirages Getting Expensive Makeover
Super Hornet Shoots Down F-35sIndia Donates Gear to AfghanistanMust Have More Su-30s Before F-16s Arrive
Three Trillion Dollars Later Sidewinder Training MissilesRussia Invades Latin America
Singapore Gets Refurbed Leopard 2sJapan Demands F-22 SecretsWhat China Learned From Americans
Saudis Try to Buy ProtectionCan't Have Too Many DAGRsIraq Armor Reset and Upgraded
Merchants of Death Help Each Other OutRussia Rebuilds Its Weapons InventoryMore F-22s
Russia Allows Export of RD93 to PakistanCan't Get Enough CougarsGreeks Bearing Threats
Modern Military Radios for PakistanHH-47 Replaces HH-60Turkey Gets Seahawk
China and the Ukrainian ConnectionThe Saddam Speed-Up Syndrome Marines Get More Gyrocams
Common Missile Warning Systems The Illegal Arms Trade Inside China War Damage
Hizbollah Supply Line Restored China Gives It Away To Those Who Can't Pay Stolen Munitions Leak to Terrorists
A Whole Mess of Mi-17s Head for India Rent a Chopper More Chargers For EOD
Marines Endorse Wheeled Armor Again North Korea Awakens the Sleeping Giant More Strykers Ordered
Frankenships Shunned By AllLightweight Laser Designator Venezuela Rescues Antonov
Russians Hustle to Avoid Collapse True Lies Arabs Buy HIMARS
Iraq Buys Italian India Tries to Build an F-16 Clone Time Is Running Out For the C-17
Syria Caught Sneaking In North Korean Weapons India Joins the Jet Engine Constructors Club MiG Rescued by Yemen
China and Pakistan Go To Market Take My Leopards, Please! Russian Support for North Korean Scams
Hizbollah's Proof of Purchase Porking the C-130JBritain Buys American Bots
Why Venezuela Is Buying So Many Russian Weapons Poland Gets Shadow UAVs Brits Buy More Armor For Troops in Afghanistan
Must Have More Hellfires Caesar Rolls into Saudi Arabia Where Terrorists Get Their Missiles
Huey Returns to Asian Jungles Replacement for the OH-58 Arrives Milspec Died For Our Sins
Canada Rearms for Peace Latin American Markets for Second-Hand FightersWeapons That Refuse to Die
Israelis Haggle over F-35 and F-22 Purchase Blackhawk Beater Strikes Again Combat Ready PCs
U.S. Sailors and Airmen Depend on China China Will Sell Anyone AnythingHot Harpoons for Pakistan
South Korea Flies Into The Big Leagues Iranian Smuggling Hits Snags China and the Jet Trainer Market
We Will Do Anything To Make the Sale China Hustles the Classics Out in the Bush South Korea Orders More F-15Ks
Cold War Surplus, Part II Rebuilding the Russian Army Justifying Sharp Global Hawk Price Increase
Russia Takes Baby Steps With New Bomber Iran Hurls Trucks at Israel Iran's F-16 Maintenance Nightmare
Mister Chavez Goes To IranWeapons No One Can AffordThe Illegal Arms Bazaar
Bidding War in the Palestinian Territories China Rules The Wild Side Malaysia's Warplane Tradeoff
Jordan's Cut Rate F-16 Fleet Russia Gets More Pretty Super Gunships The Used Helicopter Dealers
Why Buy Russian Weapons From Hungarians? Australia Buys Four C-17s South Korea's Last Harpoon Orders
Russians Try to Screw Venezuelans The Nuclear Weapons Technology Black Market Lives Iran's Professional Shoppers
Russia Hits the Jackpot in North Africa France Declines Billion Dollar Deal With Venezuela Replacing Apaches Lost in Iraq
Egypt Building Chinese Warplane Under License Russia Goes After Boeing and AirBus Japan Kicking Tires of the F-22
Expensive Bombs Save Expensive Aircraft Russia Sells Warplanes to Iran Stryker Light Sales Soar in Europe
Buying Predator Bs Venezuela's Secret PlanCzechs Rebuild With Wheeled Armor
More JSOW High Speed Paper Pushing Russia Revives the Arms Race
How Iran CopesIran Gets Russian Air Transports Taiwanese Smart Bombs and Missiles
Austrian Sniper Rifles for Iran Kopp the Gunrunner Protesting Better and Cheaper
Lots More Naval Anti-Aircraft Missiles Osprey Purchase Pork Protected by Looming Layoffs



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