Procurement Article Archive 2015


Smart Bombs For IranGet Smart Or DieIndian Air Force Rejects Locally Built Fighter
East European Jets For IraqEurofighters Gets An Arabian LifelineBillions More To Buy American
Iraq Prefers The More Expensive American StuffAnother Russian SuccessHow The Indian Army Got Its Apaches
The Russian Mess At MAKSSaudi Arabia Stocks Up On Missile ProtectionUkraine Refurbishes To Survive
Magic May Not Be EnoughThe Price Of FreedomMRAPs In Somalia
Fast Track For CarlUkraine Crushes The Russian NavyDeath To Sanctions
Too Greedy And SloppyDanger Drives DemandGlobal Defense Spending Continues To Decline
How The Swedes Got Played By The CzechsSaudis Pay France To Rearm Lebanon To Fight IranBuilding Your Own Assault Rifle Out Back
Iranian Swarms Swarm To IraqGripen And The Return Of CzechoslovakiaChina Aims For The Top
A Chinese Weapon You Rarely Hear AboutIran Gets Inside IsraelSudan Can Get You Whatever You Need
Latin America Orders ChineseIsrael Orders More F-35sItaly Will Make Deals
Pakistan Goes RussianUkraine Buys LocalIran Maintains The Chinese Connection
Merchants Of Death StrugglePakistani Arms Exports



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