0    Feast of Saint João de Britto, Patron of Portugal, and that of Saint Andrew Corsini, Patron of Diplomats, Florence, and Fiesole
211    Caracalla (24) and Geta (21) became co-Emperors of Rome on the death of their father Septimius Severus -- Learn More
634    Battle of Dathin: Moslem forces defeat an outnumbered Byzantine army near Gaza
900    Coronation of Louis "the Child" III/IV as King of the Germans (900-911)
960    Coronation of Zhao Kuangyin as the Emperor Taizu, the first Song Emperor of China (960-976)
1194    King Richard I of England is ransomed from captivity in Austria for 100,000 marks
1508    Maximilian I proclaims himself Holy Roman Emperor (1508-1519), but is never crowned
1538    Peace of Grosswardein/Varad/Oradea: John I Zápolya and Archduke Ferdinand I of Hapsburg agree to stop fighting over who is the King of Hungary
1779    John Paul Jones takes command of 'Bonhomme Richard'
1787    Shays' Rebellion ended as the last insurgents surrendered -- Learn More
1807    French capture Amantea, Calabria, from Neapolitan patriots, after a month's siege and heavy losses
1809    British troops take their first French eagles (regimental battle standards), from the 62nd & 80th Regiments on Martinique
1820    Battle of Valdavia: After a two day fight, a Chilean naval expedition commanded by Lord Thomas Cochrane completes capture of the port from teh Spanish for the Chilean Patriots
1860    Spanish capture Tetuan, Morocco
1861    Delegates from the seceded states meet in Montgomery, Ala., to form a "Confederate States of America," across the street from a slave auction
1899    The Philippine-American War (Philippine Insurrection) begins with heavy fighting at Manila
1932    Japanese troops attack Harbin, Manchuria
1938    Hitler assumes direct control of German Army
1942    Japanese a/c damage 'Marblehead' (CL-12) & 'Houston' (CA-30), Madoera Strait, Bali
1942    Last Australian troops on Amboina surrender.
1943    Veteran Australian 9th Div sails home from Suez after two years in North Africa.
1944    Japanese launch major offensive against British in the Arakan, Burma.
1944    US 7th Infantry Division completes capture of Kwajalein
1945    FDR, Churchill, & Stalin began the Yalta Conference -- Learn More
1959    Keel laid for USS 'Enterprise' (CVN-65), first nuclear aircraft carrier; retired, 2012
1990    Ten Israeli tourists murdered in Cairo

1495    Duke Francesco II Sforza of Milano (1521-1535), the last sovereign Duke of Milan
1495    Jean Parisot de la Valette, Grand Master of the Knights of St. John (1557-1568), the Defender of Malta
1740    Adam Philippe de Custine, French soldier, executed in the Terror, 1793
1747    Andrzej Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Polish and American patriot, d. 1817
1826    Halbert Eleazer Paine, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1905
1871    Friedrich Ebert, 1st President of Germany during the "Weimar Republic" (1918-1925), died in office
1881    Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov, Marshal of the Soviet Union, President (1953-60), d. 1996
1895    Johann Baptist Albin Rauter, Senior SS Police officer in the Netherlands, executed 1949
1902    Charles A Lindbergh, aviator, ecologist, isolationist, Nazi sympathizer, d. 1974 -- Learn More
1904    Mckinley Kantor, novelist, historian ("Andersonville"), d. 1977
1906    Dietrich Bonhoeffer, anti-Nazi German theologian, executed 1945
1917    Franceska Mann (Manheimer-Rosenberg), Polish ballerina, murdered by the SS in 1943, but not before killing two of them and maiming a third
1931    Isabel Martínez de Perón, President of Argentina (1974-1976), widow and successor to Juan Perón
1941    The USO (United Service Organization)

211    Roman Emperor Septimius Severus (193-211), at 64
708    Pope Sisinnius (15 Jan-4 Feb 708)
1699    350 Streltsi, executed in Moscow by Peter the Great
1781    Willem Crul, Dutch Admiral, kia at 59, the West Indies
1843    Theodoros Kolokotronis, 72, Greek soldier, senior commander in the War for Indpendence from the Ottomans (1821-1829)
1872    John Lawrence Burns, 78. 1812 veteran who in 1863 joined the Union firing line at Gettysburg to defend the Union
1936    Wilhelm Gustloff, 41, Swiss Nazi & anti-Semite, murdered by a Jewish student
1940    Nikolai Yezhov, 44, Stalin's chief purger (1936-1938), purged
2012    Florence Patterson Green, at110 years and 350 days, Women's RAF veteran, 1918-1919, and the last known veteran of the Great War -- Learn More