387BC "Vae Victis!": Brennus' Gauls occupy Rome, following their victory on the Allia (18th) (or maybe 390)
0    Feast of Saint Victor of Marseilles, Patron of Victims of Torture
70    The Romans under Titus secure Jerusalem after four months, with great slaughter
365    A tsunami devastates Alexandria and much of the eastern Mediterranean littoral
649    Consecration of Pope St. Martin I (649-653)
1200    Battle of Monreale: Papal-Norman army defeats Marcovaldo di Anweiler
1320    Count Louis of Nevers marries the 8-year old daughter of Philip V
1403    Battle of Shrewsbury: Henry IV defeats Henry Percy, the Earl of Northumberland
1527    The miraculous end of the Plague at Itri
1667    Treaty of Breda: ends the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-1667)
1691    Antonio Pignatelli elected Pope as Innocent XII (1691-1700)
1711    Treaty of the Pruth: ends Russo-Turkish War of 1710-1711
1718    Treaty of Passarowitz: Austria and Venice make peace with the Turks
1784    Algiers agrees to cease piratical raids after bombardment by a combined Italian naval squadron that began July 12th
1789    Jose de San Martin, 11, joins the Spanish Regiment of Murcia as an officer-cadet
1798    Battle of the Pyramids: Bonaparte defeats the Mamlukes
1823    Lt David G. Farragut leads a raid to destroy a pirate base in Cuba
1861    First Battle of Bull Run/Manassas: Confederate Victory
1866    Battle of Bezzecca: the Garibaldini defeat the Austrians
1905    Ottoman Sultan Adbul Hamid narrowly escapes assassination
1905    USS 'Bennington' (PG-4): Boiler explosion, 62 dead, 40 injured
1919    The hydrogen-filled blimp 'Wingfoot Air Express' explodes over downtown Chicago, 13 die (10 on the ground), 27 on the ground injured
1933    Ticker tape parade on Broadway for Italo Balbo & his airmen
1941    200 Torahs are burned in Ukraine
1941    Himmler orders building of Majanek Concentration Camp
1942    Japanese land at Gona, northeastern Papua, despite Allied air attacks
1942    Japanese warships shell Buna and nearby villages
1943    US Navy cancels the 'Montana' Class battleships
1944    Pre-invasion bombardment of Tinian commences.
1945    U.S. radio broadcasts demand that Japan surrender or be destroyed.
1946    USN begins carrier trials of jets, an XFD-1 Phantom off the USS 'FDR'
1962    Indian and Chinese troops skirmish in the Himalayas
1969    Neil Armstrong's "small step" on the moon - 2:56:15 AM GMT
1970    Libya orders confiscation of Jewish property
1972    Bloody Friday: 22 IRA bombs explode in Belfast
1997    The ashes of Little Sorrel, Stonewall Jackson's horse, are interred at his statue at VMI
1997    Restored USS 'Constitution' sails for the first time in 116 years
2013    Abdication of King Albert II of the Belgians (1993-2013) and the accession of his son King Philippe (2013-)

628    Li Zhi, the Emperor Gaozong/Kao-tsung of Tang China (649-683)
1414    Francesco della Rovere - Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484)
1802    David Hunter, Maj Gen, U.S., abolitionist, d. 1886
1815    Stewart Van Vliet, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1901
1816    Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter, founder of Reuter's press service, d. 1899
1817    Joseph K Barnes, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1883
1826    James Gillpatrick Blunt, Maj Gen, U.S., d. 1881
1828    John Rutter Brooke, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1926
1899    Ernest Hemmingway, adventurer, author, d. 1961
1930    The Veterans' Administration

330BC King Darius III of Persia (336-330 BC), c. 50, murdered by Bessos, to curry favor with Alexander
1425    Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus (1391-1425), 75
1544    René of Châlon, Prince of Orange, Baron of Breda, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, & Utrecht, and Stadtholder of Guelders, killed during the siege of Saint-Dizier
1683    William Russell, Lord Russell, beheaded at 43 in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields
1796    Robert Burns, Scots poet, 37 -- Learn More
1899    Robert Ingersoll, politician, orator, Col, USV, 65
1934    Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey, 79, French soldier and colonial adminstrator, Marshal of France
1944    Col. Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg (37), executed by firing squad, & Gen. Ludwig Beck (64), assisted suicide, for their part in the plot to assassinate Hitler
1967    Basil Rathbone, 75, sometime captain, Liverpool Scottish (MC), Anglo-American actor ("Sherlock Holmes," "Captain Blood", "Robin Hood" etc.)
1998    Alan Shepard, first American in space, at 74