614    The Persians take Jerusalem with great slaughter, & capture the True Cross
1010    Battle of Ringmere: The Danes defeat Ulfkell Snilling of Norfolk
1405    Battle of Pwllmelyn: English defeat Owen Glendower & the Welch
1430    Jews are expelled from Speyer, Germany
1576    Peace of Beaulieu: restores the government of Picardy to the Protestant Prince de Condé
1646    King Charles I surrenders in Scotland
1789    French King Louis XVI calls for the convening the Etats Genereaux, for the first time since 1614
1797    Napoleon's sister Elisa marries Prince Felix Bacciochi
1809    Canton Aargau, Switzerland, denies citizenship to Jews
1814    British attack Ft Ontario, Oswego, NY
1833    Turks cede Crete and Syria to Mehemet Ali of Egypt
1860    Garibaldi and the Thousand sail from Quarto for Sicily
1861    Confederate troops abandon Alexandria, Va.
1862    Cinco de Mayo: Mexican forces defeat the French at Puebla
1862    Peninsular Campaign: Battle of Williamsburg, VA
1864    Battle of the Wilderness: Germanna Ford/Wilderness Tavern
1866    Guano War: the Spanish fleet bombards Callao, Peru
1891    Official opening of Carnegie Hall, with a program by Walter Damrosch and Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
1908    The Great White Fleet reaches San Francisco
1913    The Great Powers force Montenegro to withdraw from Scutari, which is occupied by peace keeping troops
1920    Polish troops capture Kiev
1938    Mussolini and Hitler review the Italian fleet in the Bay of Naples
1940    Norwegians form a government-in-exile in London
1941    Emperor Haile Selassie returns to Addis Ababa
1942    British land at Diego Suarez, Vichyite naval base in Madagascar.
1942    Burma: British forces evacuate Akyab.
1942    Philippines: Japanese troops land on Corregidor
1942    Southwest Pacific: Japanese carriers 'Zuikaku' & 'Shokaku' enter the Solomons Sea, as 'Yorktown' (CV-5) & 'Lexington' (CV-2) rendezvous in the Coral Sea
1942    US begins rationing sugar during WW II
1944    British release Mahatma Ghandi, imprisoned since August 1942
1945    Okinawa: 131 Kamikaze sink 17 ships
1945    Oregon: Japanese balloon bomb kills a pregnant woman and five children
1945    German troops in the Netherlands surrender to the Allies
1952    Herman Wouk's "The Caine Mutiny" wins the Pulitzer Prize
1954    Paraguay: Military coup installs General Alfredo Stroessner as dictator/president (1954-1989)
1961    Alan Shepard makes a suborbital flight in Freedom 7
1964    Separatist riot in Québec
1965    First large US ground units arrive in South Vietnam
1985    Bitburg Germany: President Reagan & Chancellor Kohl lay a wreath at a memorial marking the graves of nearly 2,000 German and Allied personnel

482    Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Justinianus - Roman Emperor Justinian (527-565), at Tauresium, Thrace
1061    Godfrey of Bouillon, Crusader, King of Jerusalem (1099-1100)
1352    Ruprecht, uncrowned Holy Roman Emperor (1400-1410)
1818    Karl Marx, intellectual who inspired untold slaughter, d. 1883
1822    Sir Harry Paget Flashman, V.C., etc., etc., d. 1915, fictionally
1823    James Allen Hardie, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1870
1826    Eugenie Maria de Montijo y de Guzman, Mrs. Napoleon III, d. 1920
1879    Symon Vasylyovych Petliura, Ukrainian nationalist, assassinated 1926
1883    Archibald Percival Wavell, later Field Marshal Earl Wavell, Viceroy of India, versifier and anthologist, scholar, d. 1950 -- Learn More
1884    Wang Ching-Wei/Wang Jingwei, Premier of China (1932-35), Japanese collaborating President (1940-1944), d. 1944
1900    Spencer Tracy, actor ("Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo"), d. 1967
1908    Sir Reginald "Rex" Carey Harrison, RAF veteran, actor ("Cleopatra"), d. 1990
1908    Jacques Émile Massu, French general, Gaullist, relieved as a putschist, d. 2002
1913    Tyrone Power, sometime Marine, actor ("Prince of Foxes"), d. 1958

1028    King Alfonso V of Leon & Castila (999-1028), c. 34, while besieging Viseu
1194    Casimir II "the Just", Duke of Wilica (1166-1173), of Sandomierz (1173-1194), and Duke of Kraków and Grand Duke of Poland (1177-1194), c. 56
1309    King Charles II of Naples (1285-1309), c. 55
1432    Francesco "Carmagnola" Bussone, condottiero, beheaded by the Serenissima at c. 42
1525    Elector Frederik III "the Wise" of Saxony (1486-1525), 62
1705    Leopold I von Hapsburg, 64, Holy Roman Emperor (1658-1705), also King of Hungary and Croatia and King of Bohemia.
1786    Regnant King-Consort Pedro III of Portugal (1777-1786)
1821    Napoleon - The Corsican Ogre, 51, on St. Helena -- Learn More
1827    King Frederik Augustus I of Saxony (1806-27), at 76
1921    Alfred H Fried, pacifist, 1911 Peace co-Nobelist, 67
1981    Bobby Sands, 27, IRA activist, on the 66th day of a hunger strike
2011    Claude Stanley Choules, 110, in Australia: the last combat veteran of WW I, the last veteran of the Grand Fleet, who served in the RAN in WW II, and was also the last veteran to have served in both World Wars