480BC Battle of Salamis [Alt]
0    Feast of St. Phocas, Patron of Sailors
1122    Concordat of Worms: Pope Callistus II and HRE Henry V end the Investiture Controversy
1325    Battle of Altopascio: The Lucchese defeat the Florentines
1459    Battle of Blore Heath: the Earl of Salisbury's Yorkists beat Lord Audley's Lancastrians
1642    Battle of Powick Bridge: Prince Rupert of the Rhine defeats Col John Brown & the Earl of Essex
1700    Spanish crush the Prince of Macchia's coup in Naples (began Sep 20)
1779    Celebrated frigate duel between John Paul Jones' 'Bonhomme Richard' & HMS 'Serapis'
1780    Maj. John Andre is captured, revealing Benedict Arnold's treason
1803    Battle of Assaye: Wellington's Anglo-Indian forces beat Maratha Army
1806    Frederick Marryat joins the Royal Navy, rises to captain, produces numerous novels, stories, and books, about the sea
1806    Lewis & Clark Expedition ends at St Louis
1846    Mexican uprising against American occupation at Los Angeles
1857    Russian warship 'Leffort' disappears in a storm off Finland, 826 die
1861    Combat at Romney, WVa
1862    Otto von Bismarck becomes Minister President of Prussia (1862-1873, 1873-1890)
1863    Confederates begin investment of Chattanooga
1864    Battle of Athens VA
1865    Harney Lake Valley, Ore: Skirmish between US troops & Indians
1868    Grito de Lares: abortive Puerto Rican uprising against Spain
1915    Serbian troops begin retreating into Albania pursued by Austro-German-Bulgarian forces
1931    Navy tests its first rotary wing aircraft, an XOP-1 autogiro, on 'Langley' (CV-1)
1940    Dutch fascist leader Musserts meets Hitler for the first time
1941    Charles de Gaulle forms a French government-in-exile in London
1941    Kronstadt: German air raid sinks the Russian BB Marat
1942    Auschwitz begins experimental executions using poison gas
1942    Madagascar: British & Free French occupy Tananarive
1962    "Ensign O'Toole" premiers on NBC, runs for one season
1979    Jane Fonda & 200,000 attend anti-nuclear rally in Battery Park, NYC
1996    "JAG" premiers on NBC, later moves to CBS, runs for ten seasons

480BC Euripides, dramatist ("Iphigenia at Aulis"), d. c. 405 BC
63BC Gaius Octavius - Augustus: first & greatest Roman Emperor (27 BC-14 AD)
1713    King Ferdinand VI of Spain (1746-1759)
1791    Karl Theodor Körner, Prussian war poet, kia 1813
1816    Julius White, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1890
1820    Thomas Kilby Smith, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1887
1890    Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Paulus, German FM, who had his Waterloo at Stalingrad, d. 1957
1897    Walter Pidgeon, actor ("Mrs. Miniver"), d. 1984
1910    Elliot Roosevelt, Brig Gen, USAAF, d. 1990

775    Constantine V Copronymus, c. 57, Byzantine Emperor (720-75),
1888    François Achille Bazaine, 77, the first Legionnaire to become a Marshal, who lost the big one at Metz in 1870
1939    Sigmund Freud, 83, sometime soldier
1947    Nikola Dimitrov Petkov, 54, Balkan Wars veteran, Bulgarian anti-fascist & peasant leader, hanged by the communists
1973    Pablo Neruda, 69, poetical Soviet apologist
2004    Nigel Nicholson, Guardsman, litterateur, b. 1917