81BC Second Day of Sulla's Triumph, for the defeat of Mithridates
1098    Battle of Antioch: Crusaders defeat the Syrians
1119    Battle of Balat/Sarmada: Emir Ilghazi defeats the Principality of Antioch
1147    Afonso I of Portugal lays siege to Lisbon (falls Oct 24)
1389    Battle of Kosovo: Turks defeat the Serbs (OS = June 15) (see Deaths 1389; Events, 1914)
1461    Edward IV crowned king of England (1461-1470, 1471-1483)
1495    Battle of Seminara II: Bernard Stuart's French defeat Gonzalo de Cordoba, micromanaged by King Ferdinand
1651    Battle of Berestechko, Day 1 of 3: Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky's c. 200,000 Ukrainian Cossacks & Crimean Tatars skirmish with Casimir II's c. 150,00 Polish-Lithuanian forces
1675    Brandenurgers under Frederick William "the Great Elector" defeat the Swedes
1776    Charleston repulses a British naval attack
1778    Battle of Monmouth: Washington ties the British in the largest battle of the Revolutionary War, with temps hovering near 100
1788    Naval Battle of Liman (Black Sea): John Paul Jones, commanding the Russian fleet, defeats the Turks
1794    Joshua Humphreys appointed master builder of the USN, at $2,000 a year
1814    USS 'Wasp' captures HMS 'Reindeer'
1838    Coronation of Queen Victoria in Westminster Abbey
1863    Battle of Donaldsonville, LA
1865    CSS 'Shenandoah' takes 11 American whalers, two months after Appomattox
1909    1st French air show, Concours d'Aviation opens
1914    Gavrilo Princep does his thing in Sarajevo (see Events, 1389, 1919; Deaths, 1389, 1914)
1919    In Louis XIV's Hall of Mirrors, where the German Empire was proclaimed in 1871, a defeated Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles
1929    Venezuelan nationalist Rafael Simon Urbina captures Fort Amsterdam, Curacao, killing three Dutch soldiers before taking hostages and fleeing back to Venezuela
1940    Romania cedes Bessarabia to the Soviet Union
1945    Soviets set up a puppet "Polish Provisional Government"
1948    Berlin Airlift begins
1956    Two day anti-communist riots begin in Poznan, Poland, 38 die
1965    President Johnson orders US ground forces to Vietnam
1968    Daniel Ellsberg indicted for leaking the Pentagon Papers

1476    Giovanni Pietro Caraffa - Pope Paul IV (1555-1559)
1491    King Henry VIII (1509-1547)
1712    Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Enlightment thinker, d. 1778
1742    William Hooper, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, d. 1790
1883    Pierre Laval, French politician, anti-Nazi, then Vichyite collaborator, shot as a traitor 1945
1902    Richard Rodgers, composer ("Victory at Sea"), d. 1979
1926    Melvin Kaminsky, in Brooklyn, combat engineer, WW II -- Mel Brooks [i.e., "Mel from Brooklyn"]

548    Theodora, c. 48, joy girl and Byzantine Empress (527-548), wife to Justinian I
683    Pope St Leo II (681-683)
1385    Byzantine Emperor Andronicus IV Paleologus (1376-1379), 57_
1389    Ottoman Sultan Murad I (1359-1389), assassinated at 63 by a Serb on the morning of the Battle of Kosovo
1389    Stefan Lazar Hrebeljanovich, Prince of Serbia (c. 1370-1389), kia at c. 50, the Battle of Kosovo
1497    Sir James Tuchet, 7th Lord Audley (c. 34), Cornish rebel leader, beheaded on Tower Hill
1776    Thomas Hickey, hanged for trying to betray General Washington to the British
1799    Francesco Caracciolo (46), Neapolitan admiral and revolutionary, executed by Lord Nelson
1836    James Madison, militiaman, President (1809-1817), at 75 -- Learn More
1904    Daniel Decatur Emmett, lyricist ("Dixie"), 88
1914    Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (50) and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg (46), assassinated at Sarajevo
1975    Rod Serling, 50, Pacific War veteran (511th Airborne Infantry), creator of 'The Twilight Zone'
1984    Yigael Yadin, 67, Israeli archaeologist and general