2348BC The "Great Flood" of Noah begins according to the estimate of the Episcopal Bishop John Ussher
571BC First triumph of the Roman King Servius Tullius, for the defeat of the Etruscans
0    Evacuation Day: Celebrating the withdrawl of the last British troops from the United States after the Revolutionary War
1034    Accession of Duncan mac Crinain as King Duncan I of Scots (1034-1040)
1177    Battle of Montgisard: King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem & 200 knights defeat Saladin
1185    Uberto Crivelli is elected Pope as Urban III (1185-1187)
1277    Giovanni Gaetani Orsini is elected Pope as Nicholas III (1277-1280), ending a six month vacancy
1343    An earthquake causes a tidal wave in the Tyrrhenian Sea, devastating Naples, Amalfi, and many other adjacent places
1357    Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV issues letter of protection to the Jews of Strasbourg
1405    Padua surrenders to the Venetians after a long siege
1643    Battle of Tuttlingen: Imperialists defeat the French
1758    The British capture Fort Duquesne at the head of the Ohio River from the French
1760    Accession of King George III of Great Britain (1760-1820)
1775    Congress begins issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal
1783    Evacuation Day: the British leave New York City, their last base in the US, and that evening Governor George Clinton of New York honors George Washington with a banquet at Fraunces' Tavern, where thirteen toasts were offered, beginning with "The United States of America"
1790    The Veteran Corps of Artillery of the State of New York is organized at the City Arms Tavern, Broadway & Thames St -- Learn More
1809    Perleberg, Ger: British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst vanishes, most likely snatched by Napoleon's agents, but fueling numerous woo-woo theories
1811    Napoleon imprisons the Roman Marchese Giovanni Patrizi for refusing to send his sons, aged 12 and 9, to a military academy
1863    Battle of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee
1864    Confederate agents attempt to New York, causing minor damage & interrupting a performance of 'Julius Caesar' starring the Booth brothers, the only occasion on which they appeared on the stage together
1865    The Guano War: The Chilean Navy captures the Spanish sloop 'Covadonga' and put her into service
1867    Alfred Nobel invents dynamite
1876    Battle of Crazy Woman Fork/Dull Knife: the Army disperses a Sioux-Cheyenne encampment
1917    Battle of Negomano: German troops defeat the Portuguese in northern Mozambique
1922    Crown Prince Hirohito, 22, appointed Prince-Regent of Japan
1936    Germany & Japan sign the "Anti-Comintern Pact"
1940    Maiden flights of the de Havilland Mosquito & the Martin B-26 Marauder, one on each side of the pond
1943    HM Transport 'Rohna' is sunk in the Mediterranean by a German HS-293 radio-controlled glide bomb; over 1000 US troops are killed
1943    Battle of Cape St. George: 5 US destroyers sink 3 Japanese destroyers
1944    Kamikaze damage four US carriers off the Philippines
1961    USS 'Enterprise' (CVN 65), the first nuclear-powered carrier, is commissioned, to commence 51 years of service; decommissioned 2012
1983    Syria & Saudi Arabia announce cease-fire in PLO civil war in Lebanon

1454    Queen Catherine Cornaro of Cyprus (1474-1489), d. 1510
1560    Andrea Doria, 93, Genoese condottiero and admiral
1562    Félix Arturo Lope de Vega y Carpio, sometime naval officer, glory of Spanish literature, d. 1635
1577    Piet Hein, Dutch admiral, killed in action, 1629
1823    Joseph Alexander Cooper, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1910
1825    Edward Augustus Wild, Brig Gen, U.S., d. 1891
1881    Angelo Roncalli, sometime Sergeant of Infantry (1915-1918), Pope John XXIII (1958-63)
1895    Anastas I Mikoyan, Stalin's henchman & sometime foreign minister, who would become the oldest Old Bohlshevic, d. 1978
1895    Ludvík Svoboda, Austro-Hungarian soldier, Czech Legion, Czechoslovak Army, Czech underground, Cdr. I Czechoslovak Army Corps in the Red Army, President of Czechoslovakia (1968-1975).
1901    Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss, sometime German SS-man, commandant of Auschwitz, hanged in Poland in 1947
1915    Augusto Pinochet, Chilean soldier, President/Dictator of Chile (1973-1990)
1920    Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino, Mexican-American actor (Rodriguez in "Battle Ground," Khan in "Star Trek"), d. 2009

311    Pope & Patriarch St Peter I of Alexandria (<303-311), Martyr
734    Bilge, c. 50, Khagan of the Göktürks (717-734)
1034    King Malcolm (Máel Coluim) II of Scots (1005-1034)
1120    Prince William, Ćtheling of England, only legitimate son of Henry I of England, drowned at 17 in the Channel when his ship sinks
1185    Pope Lucius III - Ubaldo Allucingoli (1181-1185), c. 85
1885    King Alfonso XII of Spain (1874-85), at 27
1949    Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, master dancer, sometime Drum Major, 369th Infantry, at 71 -- Learn More
1957    Adm William Veazie Pratt (CNO, 1930-1933), b. 1869 -- Learn More
1963    Alexander Ivanovich Marinesko, 50, Soviet submariner, captain of the 15 January 1913 'S-13,' which sank the German ship 'Wilhelm Gustloff" in the Baltic1945, with the loss of c. 9,000 passengers
1970    Yukio Mishima, 45, fascistic Japanese author, hara-kiri