PHOTO: Warm In The Cold
DLS: The Little Giants Of Taiwan
BOOK British and Japanese Military Leadership in the Far Eastern War, 1941-1945
PHOTO: Ready To Lift
DLS: Better Bunkers Beat Future Shock
BOOK 1914: The Year the World Ended
PHOTO: What A Drag!
DLS: Stryker Has Fans In France
BOOK The Civil War Lover's Guide to New York City
PHOTO: Atlas Streak
DLS: They Got It, They Finally Got It
BOOK Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army's Way of War
PHOTO: Splash Zone!
OP Strategist Putin Strikes An Ominous Deal With Iran
DLS: Mad As Hell And Not Willing To Take It Anymore
TALK: Was 2014 A Good Year Or A Bad Year?
PHOTO: Harrier Hop
DLS: Swedish Armor Moves To The Russian Border
PHOTO: Nevada Sails Home
DLS: Heads Are Rolling With Greater Frequency
PHOTO: Angel Training
DLS: It Was A Very Bad Year
PHOTO: Incoming Choppers
DLS: Combat Proven
PHOTO: Old vs New
DLS: Matching Two Misfits
PHOTO: Rigid Marines
DLS: The Triumph Of Islamic Terrorism
OP The Struggle to Reform Islam
PHOTO: Engage Hover Mode
DLS: Come To Kobane And Die For ISIL
PHOTO: Frosty Destroyer
DLS: SOCOM Told To Suck It Up
PHOTO: New York And Fort McHenry Cross The Alantic
DLS: Viagra For Old Missiles
PHOTO: Snowy Galaxy
DLS: Too Hot To Handle
PHOTO: Hercs In The Mist
DLS: Poor, Poor, Pitiful Us
PHOTO: Go Navy! Help Army!
DLS: China Treats The J-20 Like The F-22
PHOTO: Red Flag Typhoons
DLS: Su-24 Does Not Age Gracefully
PHOTO: Test Drive Airborne Style
OP Congo's Elites Undermining Peacekeeping Successes
DLS: South Korea Prepares For War
PHOTO: Sunrise At Cherry Point
DLS: Keeping Your Distance In Iraq
PHOTO: Galaxy Fills The Sky
PHOTO: Rockets White Glare
DLS: Scorpene Goes Long
PHOTO: Vertical Delivery
DLS: The Chinese Secret Weapon
PHOTO: Dragon In Chilean Waters
DLS: Israel And The Secret Stockpile
TALK: What Will 2015 Bring
PHOTO: Final Arrest
DLS: France Stands Up To Russia
OP 2015: Will China Continue to Probe its Neighbors?
PHOTO: Fort Worth At Changi
DLS: FA-50 Enters Service
PHOTO: Christmas Tour Of The Gulf Of Aden
DLS: Good Enough To Slow The Russians Down
PHOTO: Shrikes And Stringers
DLS: The Mysterious X-37B
PHOTO: Eagle Trap
PHOTO: Aussie Lightning
DLS: Unwanted Hogs To The Rescue Again
DLS: The Surprisingly Successful Shadow Is Upgraded
PHOTO: Destroyer Holiday
PHOTO: Boise In Greece
OP North Korea's Combined Arms Attack on Sony
PHOTO: Japanese Give The Marines A Ride
PHOTO: Fire Scout Piloted By Magicians
PHOTO: Iraqi Air Force In Tuscon
PHOTO: Night Lights
PHOTO: Falcon Over Iraq
TALK: Tactical Myths Of WW I
PHOTO: Night Launch
OP A Few Confirmation Questions for Obama's SecDef Nominee

NIGERIA: The Murderous March On Maiduguri

PEACEKEEPING: It Was Another Bad Year

LEADERSHIP: Air Force Generals Take A Stand

COLOMBIA: Venezuela Seeks A Future

INTELLIGENCE: Iran Does It With Humanitarian Favors

AIR DEFENSE: China Gets The Russian Long Arm

CHINA: Crime And Punishment

PROCUREMENT: Iran Maintains The Chinese Connection

INFANTRY: Israel Makes Life Hard For Snipers

YEMEN: No Easy Way Out Of This Mess

PEACEKEEPING: Liberia Still Simmers

COUNTER-TERRORISM: The Religion Of Peace Defines Peace Differently

MURPHY'S LAW: You Cannot Hustle The West In Iraq Any More

MEXICO: Senora Macbeth Will Stay In Jail

SPACE: Proton Losing Momentum

INFORMATION WARFARE: China Preps For Cybergeddon

WINNING: Victory In Afghanistan

IRAQ: How ISIL Rolls

INFORMATION WARFARE: Palestinians Ignore Their Worst Enemy

COUNTER-TERRORISM: How The Taliban Became Self-Destructive

SURFACE FORCES : Saar 6 From Germany

INDIA-PAKISTAN: The Monster Turns On Its Maker

MURPHY'S LAW: Unintended Consequences of Anti-Semitism

COUNTER-TERRORISM: You Can Check In But You Cannot Check Out

CONGO: Badassery Brings Peace


INFORMATION WARFARE: Scary Monsters Pursue The FBI

ALGERIA: Restrained Yet Effective

AIR WEAPONS: The V-22 Gunship

INTELLIGENCE: CVN 78 Eludes Egyptian Spy

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961 Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III of Cordoba (912-961), 72

1815 Congress rejects a proposal to relocate the nation's capital from Washington, recently captured and burned by the British, further west.
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