Intelligence Article Archive 2008


We Will Not Burn YouHamas Calls The Kettle BlackDropping A Dime On Osama
Listening to SomaliaBritain Is ListeningKeeping The FBI Out Of The Mines
Chinese Air Force Goes UndergroundBlinded By The LightAfghanistan Attacked By The Math Machine
Self-Preservation In The Tribal TerritoriesIsrael And Iran Scramble In The ShadowsZombie Spooks Ravage Pakistan
Lost In TranslationSaddam's Spies Survive In AmericaIran Admits That Its Computers Were Bugged
The Bad News From AfricaTaking Terrorists Out Of ISIThe Pakistani Connection
Differences That MatterGood News Gets Buried AgainChina Stealing Space Rocket Technology
Hang On TravelersThe Return Of The Russian GameIsraeli Spies In Lebanon
Familiar MovesRisky BusinessHawkeyes
The All Seeing EyesThe Naked CitySIM Card Crackdown
Americans Speak In TonguesThe Man With No NameWide Eyes
Iraqi Predator CapabilitiesIranian Sleeping SicknessWitness Protection On The Afghan Border
Chasing Chop And GaitFBI UnleashedBuying Your Way Out
Taiwan Versus ChinaKoreans On KoreansMySpace At War
The French Battle Those Spying BastardsWho Doesn't Dare, LosesYet Another Secret War
Brazil RemembersThe Spy Who Loved Too ManyQuality and Quantity
Google Earth Changed The GameData Overload Makes You NumbLearning To Think Like A Cop
Forbidden EmissionsThe Conning Khan Caper RevealedPolygraphs And Little Lies
Spies Love SalesmenThe DIA Pays To PlayWrong Number, Right Idea
How Iraq Changed The GameBuying The Best Eyes On North Korea Britain Refuses To Share
Shadow MarinesiPods In Combat USAF Eyes For Iraqis
The Chinese Olympic PuzzleWatching The Black HolesMore Killer Software Magic
The Nerd Gap Is RealDong Ma?Sweden Has Secrets For Sale
The CIA In ChainsA Surplus Of Scary JobsWhat Terrorizes Terrorists The Most
Dealing With The DevilCongress Blinds The FBIThe Secret American Army
Costly, Confidential and ClimbingScrewed Spies Sue SuperiorsAnother Chinese Casualty
Paint It BlackerMuggles Report Army MagicRussian Spies Go For The Money
Eyes In the Sky For EveryoneGreen Cards and GreenbacksHugo Surrounds Himself With Spies
Surefire Spy ScandalsThe Raven RevolutionHow China Got The F-16 Secrets
The Enemy WithinLoose Lips Screw Things UpTargeting and Surveillance Sensors
Expelled From Russia For Trying Too HardGoogle Earth Smokes Chinese MissilesSmugglers Delight
Corporate Spies Killing The CIAHuman Terrain TeamsBeating The Boredom Barrier
Recruiting Refugees to SpyMore, I Want MoreThe Gestapo Still Spreads Fear
Seeking More Smart EyesTroops Tote Portable Lie DetectorCops
Robot Eyes Never SleepThe CIA Owns IndiaThe Age of Amateurs
Siemens Slimed Over Sleazy SalesBritain Takes A LEAPPIran Is Listening
The Google In The BasementThe FBI Foreign LegionHiding In Plain Sight
Arab Israeli Soldier Busted For SpyingRecord Setting RC-135Damned Either Way
Silicon SpiesGround Truth In AfghanistanRoyal Navy Yacht Crews
Parle Vous BonusBack to BlackBaby, It's Cold Outside
The Fruit of the AMRAAMToo Many Targets, Not Enough RobotsNational Language Service Corps
A Christmas Gift From al QaedaRewriting The History of TortureNervous at Nellis
Foreign Spies Go LocalCoast Guard Spy Satellite



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