Intelligence Article Archive 2006


Satellite Phones as WeaponsThe Curse of the Old CountryLet's Take Over an Intelligence Service
Why SpyAnother Grain of Sand CapturedAirborne Radar Over Iraq
Aftermath of Chinese Network AttackThe Guantanamo SupermaxThe Truth Is Out There
Laptop LeaksThe Combat Videos On YouTubeThink Like the Enemy
China Steals Stealth SecretsThe Return of the KGBCONTSTANT PEG and the Women Warriors
VidCams That ThinkAcquiring Enemy AircraftRational Security Classifications?
More Grains of SandNew Rules For U.S. Army IntelWhy Intel Troops Want Out of Uniform
Chinese Tourists in TaiwanIntellipediaBuying Your Way Into al Qaeda
Another Terrorism HandbookSelective SecretsMissiles? What Missiles?
Another Reason Why al Qaeda Loves the New York TimesStymied By Better SecurityNorth Korea Invades China
Russian Assassins in IraqKeeping Track in VenezuelaAl Qaeda's Allies in Congress
Arab Spy Networks in IsraelA Successful Failure in LebanonPorn Police Gone Wild
Why Europeans Just Like to WatchThe Predator's OwnBad BDA Bites Israel In The Ass
The Customer Takes ChargeAnother Terrorist Trap ExposedTaliban Tumbles Because of Tipster Tactics
The Cost of SecretsSecret Arab Aid to IsraelIranians Forced To Go Undercover
Keeping Score in the Iraqi Civil WarThey Died With Their Rights OnBigger Still Isn't Better
Submarine Sailor Spills SecretsAgents and Analysts Trolling the InternetThe KGB Lives, And Misbehaves
Filling the Interpreter Shortage the Hard WayToo Geeky And Unexciting To Bother WithHiding the Dead
Well Meaning Hackers Aid TerroristsThe UN Takes Sides in LebanonStupid CIA Tricks
Is It Reporting, Or Espionage?The Book of Police Intelligence OperationsConstant Hawk Observes All
CIA Cracks Indian DefensesThe All Seeing Eyes and ComputersThe Cell Phone Bonanza
Google Under CoverWorld Cup Recruits Arabs For The U.S. ArmyInfantry Company Intelligence Center
Why Iraq WMD Finds Were Kept Secret Overwhelmed by Success and Paranoia Smuggling Scrap
DC Cops Form Intel AgencyHow Data Mining Saves Lives Iranian Incompetence
Chinese UAV Scam in Israel Rover Joins the Special ForcesFinding the Linguist in the Barracks
The Internet TrapThe CIA Loses a Major CustomerCell Phones in Prisons
Israeli Arabs and Keeping SecretsBonus Benefits of Counter-TerrorismMore Official Spying in the U.S.
Australian Intel and GoogleIntelligence Interrogation and Debriefing BattalionsJapan Gets a Special Relationship
Chinese Honey Trap ExplodesIndia Looking Harder at IranWhy Terrorists Love Google
Chinese RulesMemory Sticks and Gangster TricksPhone Taps Just Got Impossible
The Myth of Containing SaddamThe Secrets of the Chechen Street FighterNo One Is Guarding the Back Door
USAF Eagle Eyes68,000 of Saddam's Documents ReleasedHow Saddam Fooled Everyone, Including Himself
The CIA's Internet VulnerabilitySOCOM Spies SucceedThe Mythical Military Sleeper Cells
Al Qaeda Wins One in the CourtIndia and Pakistan in AfghanistanThe Skype Sting
China and the Illegal F-16 EngineSearching Saddam's Hard DrivesDigital Cameras Threaten Black Projects
Who Was Playing Who?Giving Away SecretsTalking to the Tribes
Diplomats Turned Into SpiesSearching for Monsters in the ClosetReach Back to Clone Captured Hard Drives
Blowback in PakistanVenture Capitalists at WarSaddam's Terrorist Connections Are No Secret
SIGINT de FranceUAVs Get SeriousDealing With The American Language Problem
Keeping Terrorists On The Outside



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