Procurement: December 25, 2001


The Chilean Army has put 30 old helicopters up for sale and is seeking bids on 10-16 new transport and assault aircraft. Candidates include the Bell-412EP, UH-60 BlackHawk, Eurocopter AS-532 Cougar, and Russian Mil-17. The Chilean Air Force has bought four Bell-412EPs to replace older UH-1Hs, and expects to buy six-ten more. The Chilean Air Force bought a UH60 BlackHawk in 1996 but decided to buy Bell-412s instead, and uses the one BlackHawk as a VIP aircraft. It plans to buy another BlackHawk for the same use. The Chilean Navy wants to replace its Bell-206 Jet Rangers with Bell-412EPs. The Chilean Air Force is also completing a deal to buy ten F-16C and D Block-50/52 fighters from the US for $637 million. While Chile won't get the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles it wanted, the US has promised to provide them later if Chile is threatened by an aggressor.--Stephen V Cole




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