Procurement Article Archive 2005


Japan Throws Money at Missiles and ShipsSaudis Attach Strings to Typhoon Sale Iran Builds RPG-7 Under License
Pakistan Expands M109 Fleet F-35 Pushing Down Price of F-16 More Armored Trucks for Peacekeeping
China Buys Russian Jet Engines By The Gross Canada Buys More UAVs Russia Receives New Combat Aircraft
The Missing Mountain of MunitionsRussians Unleash the Lease Weapon Eagles in Southeast Asia
Russians Master Spares Venezuela Buys Russian High Performance Helicopters Russia Starts Buying Again
The Early Retirement Sell Cuba Sells Cold War Surplus to Venezuela India Loves Israeli UAVs
U.S. Army Battles For High Tech Dollars Russian Exports on a Roll Millions for Armor Piercing Bullets
More Strykers, Parts and Repairs U.S. Blocks Spanish Sale to VenezuelaHow Lasers Keep the B-52 Flying
The Shrinking Demand for F-35sGoing From Surplus to Cheap Nigeria Stays With Chinese Warplanes
Venezuela Shops For Politically Correct Weapons F-22 Enters Sort-Of-Mass Production Big Re-Order for Popular Combat Robots
Israelis Sell Record Number of UAVsMore Combat Robots OrderedSeptember 8, 2005
September 1, 2005August 27, 2005August 26, 2005
August 24, 2005August 23, 2005August 18, 2005
August 14, 2005August 13, 2005August 11, 2005
August 4, 2005August 2, 2005July 28, 2005
July 26, 2005July 24, 2005July 23, 2005
July 22, 2005July 18, 2005July 17, 2005
July 12, 2005July 10, 2005July 8, 2005
July 6, 2005July 4, 2005July 3, 2005
June 28, 2005June 18, 2005June 17, 2005
June 2, 2005May 31, 2005May 29, 2005
May 19, 2005May 17, 2005May 15, 2005
May 13, 2005May 9, 2005May 6, 2005
May 3, 2005May 2, 2005April 26, 2005
April 14, 2005April 9, 2005April 3, 2005
March 26, 2005March 18, 2005March 17, 2005
March 15, 2005March 14, 2005March 5, 2005
February 25, 2005February 24, 2005February 21, 2005
February 16, 2005February 13, 2005February 11, 2005
February 10, 2005February 8, 2005February 6, 2005
January 28, 2005January 27, 2005January 25, 2005
January 23, 2005January 22, 2005January 17, 2005
January 15, 2005January 13, 2005January 8, 2005
January 6, 2005January 5, 2005January 3, 2005



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