Procurement Article Archive 2012


Prepared For The Worst In AfghanistanChina And Iran Seek The Forbidden FiberIsrael Feeding The F-16 Black Market
Danes Decide For The MH-60R SeahawkChina And Ukraine Together ForeverCop Chopper Replaces Old Hueys
The Seduction Of The AffluentA Bribe Too Far In IraqSifting Through The Wreckage In Israel
Iraq Is In A HurryChina Has A Daring And Prudent PlanScrew The F-35
Russia Takes Iraq BackRussia Copes With The Vikramaditya DisasterChinese Fiber Bandits Foiled
Screwing The FrenchChina Stalls American Weapons For TaiwanReorganizing The Soviet Defense Industry
Something That Can't Be ReplacedBuy American If You Want To LiveRussia Loses To Cheaper And Newer
Failure Will Be ToleratedWhy The U.S. Army Is A Major Buyer Of Russian HelicoptersIranian Missile Parts Lost
Losing Our LeaseThe Shame Of IndiaThe Billion Dollar Barter
The Big Deal And Why It's ImportantA Billion For Big Russian BulletsRussia Negotiates For Blood Platinum
It Was A Very Big YearRussia Buys A Tech EdgeFinns Fancy MRAP Lite
Cheap, No Questions AskedSecond Best Makes A ComebackSpain Makes It To The Big Time
Missile Mania In South Korea Corrupt Counterfeiters CoddledCopied But Not Duplicated
Russian Rejects Priced To SellWhat Afghans Love About RussiaAnother Iranian Wonder Weapon
Israeli UAV Flies For IslamIndian Choppers For NamibiaSet My Tech Free
Chinese Counterfeiters Nail Another Russian Jet FighterCheap 120mm AmmoChina And The Dual Use Scam
China The Embargo BusterF-16 Production Finally Winds DownChina Cleans Out Russia
Peru Goes Wide For Air Defense NeedsWhat Israel Sent To AzerbaijanAn Offer You Can Refuse
Iran And the Syrian ConnectionUkraine Does Armor BetterIndonesia Buys The Missile Factory From China
South Africa Blocks IranIraq Gets Smart Bombs And Semi-Smart MissilesThe Scrap Kings
Turkey Exports UAVsFree Is A Great PriceUSAF Has A Yard Sale
Liberated Libyan Missiles Showing Up All OverChariots of IreDiplomacy By Other Means
India Reinvents Obsolete F-16sHow To Hustle The Department of Defense The Blame Of India
Getting A Gripen On ItAnother F-35 FailureThe Fraudulent Fifth
Rafale Gets The Big Export SaleWill Do Anything For A SaleU.S. Air Force Gives Up On Global Hawk
Israeli Heavy UAVs Flock To South AmericaSyria Puts Out For HezbollahM1 Carbine Banned In America
China, Ukraine Arming AfricaF-16s Versus Su-30s Over IndonesiaIsrael Adopts The HMMWV
China And Pakistan Supply Indian MaoistsSaudis Double Their F-15E Fleet



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