Procurement Article Archive 2014


The Immortal Bureaucrats Of DoomRussia Screws Poland AgainFor Old Friend Iraq, Russia Delivers
China Takes Care Of Its CustomersThe Chinese GiantIsrael Kisses Russian Ass At Ukrainian Expense
Indian Mirage Upgrade Is A MirageSingapore Had A SecretAccessories That Make A Difference
Ukraine Has A Secret WeaponBuy Russian, Or ElseNorth Korea Thinks Different
Chopper For OzChina Breaks Western Sanctions On RussiaWhere Britain Is Mighty and Unrecognized
Russia Still Delivers Despite Bad BehaviorMexico Refurbs Its Russian HelicoptersQatar Buys Protection Against Iran
North Korean UAV DevelopmentsCost Of Doing BusinessThe Moslem Jet Fighter
America Gives India What It WantsThe Cold War ReappearsRussia Delivers An Iraqi Air Force
Poland Is Depending On ItAmerica Changes The Iron Dome DealIsraeli Support For the Iranian Military
From Russia With VenomThe Old Dog Is Still Top DogMore Black Hawks For Mexico
Lease Versus BuyThe Chinese KingpinThe Royal Australian Air Force Evolves
Syrian Smugglers In AmericaPakistan Gets Back On Board The Gravy TrainNorth Korea Used Cheap Chinese Commercial UAVs
Iran And The China ConnectionWhy India Flails At ProcurementCohn Is Not Alone
Iran Smugglers Still In BusinessThe Gulf Arabs Pay And PrayRussian Helicopters Are Back
China Eats Russian LunchHeavy Bombers For The PeopleIndia Weakened By The Enemies Within
Two Jews Walk Into Iran�North Korea Deploys Methamphetamine Against AmericaThe F-16s Go Round And Round
Supplying The War In SyriaThe Russian Phoenix Has Feet Of ClayYak-130 Does It All
China Does Not JudgeIsraeli UAVs Serve In MoroccoThe Arms Markets Evolve
Blowing Smoke For the F-35Huey The Cheap And ImmortalChina Again Deploys The Rare Earth Weapon



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