Nigeria Article Archive 2006



We Have Met the Enemy, And It Is UsKidnapping Gets PoliticalOil Wars
More Chaos, Less Civil WarKidnapping Campaign ContinuesRaised on Robbery
The Crooked Politicians Are WinningWhere Al Qaeda Are Considered WimpsGunfire in the Delta
Islamic Radicals Use Paranoia to Kill ChildrenReligion and Corruption Fuel the FlamesStealing and Shooting
Trigger Happy and Capricious Delta Rebels Want to NegotiateKidnapping Forces a Showdown
Gangs Gone WildOil Fueled RebellionDelta Rebellion Kills Economy
Nothing Large Enough To AttackThe Triumph of Crime, Corruption and DiseaseOil War Stalls Economic Growth
Delta of ThievesDown in the DeltaThe Gangsters are Winning
Law and OilNo Justice, No PeaceRebel Threats Come Up Empty
"President-For-Life" versus the Oil BanditsContentious Counting ContinuesRebels Stick It To The Government
Deadlock In The DeltaReligion and Oil Spark ViolenceFighting in the Niger Delta Escalates
Oil WarOil Gangs Hold Their OwnOil Gangs Go To War
Confused Kidnappers Cut Oil ProductionOil War in the Delta