Afghanistan Article Archive 2007


What's Worth Dying For The Five Year SolutionThe Closing of the West
Make Sense Out Of ThatSanctimonious BulliesIt's The Heroin After All
Nothing Else MattersGive The Future a ChanceThe Battle For Heroin Central
The Pushtun Civil WarFollow The MoneyExploiting Religion For Political Gain
Greed and GunsThe FranchiseThe Politics of Money
Taliban Admit DefeatFollow The MoneyTaliban Believe They Are Winning
The Three CursesLive Free or DieTaliban Overshadowed By A Larger Threat
Taliban Trapped By Their Own PlansIran Helps OutThe Taliban Put In Their Place
Lies To Die ForTaliban Embrace Civilians To SurvivePlaying To The Media
Blinded By The LightPlaying To The BaseTaliban Tribulations Intensify
Terrorist Cash Crunch Causes Change in StrategyDesperate Taliban Changes StrategyA Good Career Move
Broken PromisesTaliban Winning on One FrontSpring Offensive Stumbles and Falls
Taliban Change TacticsGods Will and Land MinesTaking the War to the Taliban Heartland
Deja Vu and Misleading Press ReleasesIt's Ain't Easy Being MeanTaliban Think Smaller and Make Nicer
Taliban Switch to Media Based TacticsTribal Power Struggle At The Center of it AllPreparing for the Spring Offensive
Liberators Who Refuse to FightTime of Troubles for Taliban RecruitersCommandos Go After Taliban Leaders
Taliban Preparations ThwartedTaliban Reinforcement Effort a Bloody FailureAnd They Have a Plan



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