Afghanistan Article Archive 2009


Why The Russians Are JealousFighting For The Dry, Mountainous Nothing In The Middle Of NowhereBack To The Future
The Fight Against FunCorruption Is Your FriendWhy We Fight
The Civil War Line UpThings Don't Look Very Good At AllFighting The Wrong War
Pay To PlayCultural InsensitivityParadise On Earth
Here Is The PlanIt's The (Drug) Economy, StupidNATO Losing The War Of Words
Nowhere To RunNot A Good Time To Be A Pushy PushtunBlood And Gold
My Death Squad Is Badder Than YoursGang Busters Mass In The SouthThe Taliban Plan To Force Foreign Troops To Go Away
Something Is Happening Down ThereTaliban Face Killer Cash Flow CrisesFollow The Money To Victory
The Troubles With TraditionsForeigners Fighting ForeignersDo Or Die Time For The Taliban
Long Memories Taliban Threatened by Twin TerrorsMissing The Good Old Days
Avoid The ForeignersTaliban Displeased By DecapitationThe Chase Is On, And On, And On
Loot For The LordDerailing The Gravy TrainIgnorance Is Blitz
All The News That FitsFollow The MoneyGo For The Head Shot
Deal With The DevilThe Dance Of DeathPeople Don't Really Live Like That? Do They?
Gang Bangers Buy Some RespectThe OthersThe Merchants of Misery



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