Surface Forces Article Archive 2008



Sejong The GreatSmartShip Hits The High SeasRehab For Elderly Tomahawks
Italian Modified Missile Boats For IraqDefenders For IraqShowdown In The Bay Of Bengal
Little Guys For Low BudgetsDer Kommando Kreuzer Pleading For Perrys
Turkey Rolls Its OwnSpeedy Sparrows Sink Suicide BoatsSmart Robots Versus Predictable Submarines
Anti-Submarine Warfare In The Eastern PacificCanada Freshens Its FrigatesThe Taiwan Hot Rod
LCS 1 Aces Sea TrialsAging Ships and Running MenIndia Makes War On Mines
Shanghai SurpriseBack To BurkeLCS 1 Goes To Sea
China RecyclesUSN Abandons New Ship DesignsShip Self Defense System
Russian Missiles At Their WorstNaked Destroyers ExposedSpain Goes Long
Phalanx Gets Sharp EyesNew Zealand Lowers Its SightsLCS Rewrites The Rules of Surface Warfare
Speed KillsSecret Defenses Against Carrier KillersOld Cruisers Kept To Kill Missiles
An Expensive SolutionResponse Boat-MediumPre-Dawn Madness
DDG 1000s Under ConstructionAn American TragedyMorocco Goes Dutch
German Peacekeeping WarshipYTBs Fade Away

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