Procurement: South Korea Orders More F-15Ks


May 28, 2006: South Korea is buying another 20 American F-15K fighter bombers, in addition to the 40 currently being delivered. This aircraft is a Korean version of the U.S. Air Force F-15E. The 64 foot long F-15K weighs 40 tons, and is equipped for air-to-air and, especially, air-to-ground combat. It has a 20mm cannon, and can carry 11 tons of munitions. This includes JDAM smart bombs, air-to-ground missiles and penetrating bombs for the extensive underground facilities found in North Korea. The F-15E is one of the most capable ground attacks aircraft every built.

South Korea is paying $100 million each for its F-15Ks, and delivery of all 60 is expected take about five years. The U.S. stopped building the F-15E in 2004, and has about 210 in service. Over 1,500 F-15s are in service world wide.




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