Procurement: December 14, 2001


: To raise money to deploy the Objective Force (the high tech new troops), the Army has terminated 17 programs. These include:

@ The fire-and-forget version of the TOW-2A for light forces, which will continue to use the existing missile until the new Common Missile is available.

@ Upgrading all M113A2s to M113A3s.

@ The Battlefield Combat Identification System (intended to eliminate friendly fire incidents).

@ The Hydra-70 rocket.

@ The XM1007 Tank Extended Range Munition.

@ The Bradley Fire Support vehicle. Artillery forward observers will now use the M707 Striker and a variant of the LAV-3.

@ The M9 Armored Combat Earthmover.

@ The Armored Security Vehicle for use by Military Police.

@ The Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures program to provide advanced protection to helicopters against heat-seeking missiles.

@ Upgrades to the Airborne Reconnaissance Low aircraft, which was to be replaced by the Aerial Common Sensor in 2009 anyway.

@ The Remote Area-Denial Artillery Munition (regarded as ineffective) and the Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternatives program (designed to find ways to do without the land mines and comply with the Ottawa Treaty).

@ The Rapid Acquisition Program for Transformation. 

@ The UC-35 Business Jet.--Stephen V Cole




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