Peace Time: December 1, 2004


: The American conscription system still exists, with males turning 18 required, by law, to register with the Selective Service System. But thats as far as it goes. The draft is basically in hibernation, to be activated only if Congress passes a law making it so. However, the local draft boards still exist. There are 2,000 of them, with five members each. The draft boards hear appeals from local men who want to be deferred, or exempted, from the draft. This system has worked well through several major wars, which is why it still exists. Anyone can apply to be a member of a draft board. If accepted, you can serve for up to twenty years. You dont get paid, and have to attend one meeting, and receive four hours of refresher training, a year. Theres also eight hours of initial training.

To apply, you must meet the following criteria;

Must be 18 years old or older

Must be a citizen of the United States

Men must have registered with the Selective Service, except those born from March 29, 1957 through December 31, 1959.

Must not be an employee of any law enforcement organization

Must not be an active or retired member of the Armed Forces

Must not have been convicted of any criminal offense.

Boards often contain veterans. The average member is just a public spirited citizen who likes to do a little public service. However, if there were a major war, board members would be making life or death decisions. Board members can resign any time they want. Currently, about ten percent of the board positions are vacant, and being filled. If you would like to apply, go to and fill out the form. 




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