Peace Time: February 10, 2001


The Army Reserve provides 97 percent of the civil affairs personnel and 70 percent of the psychological operations troops. Under a new focus on these specialties, the Army will move more than 1400 personnel positions from other units (some of them being deactivated) into new and existing civil affairs and psyops units. Civil Affairs will gain 1123 personnel, of which 437 will go into existing units while 686 will form new units. Four new civil affairs companies will be formed with 308 soldiers. Civil Affairs units are intended to help the local government of devastated areas get back into business. They include administrators, lawyers, engineers, and other specialists. Psychological operations troops have the mission of providing broadcast and printed information designed to dishearten the enemy. The Army insists that this is not propaganda, but is simply telling the enemy the truth that their leaders do not want them to hear.--Stephen V Cole




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