Leadership: January 7, 2000


Carroll Case, author of THE SLAUGHTER: AN AMERICAN ATROCITY, has dismissed Army claims that the massacre of 1,200 black soldiers at Camp Van Dorn in 1944 never happened. All of the supposed victims were members of the 364th Infantry Regiment. The Army has shown records of all but 20 of the 3,868 men who served in that regiment proving that they were still alive in 1944 and that most of them survived the war. Hence, there are simply not 1,200 missing people who could comprise the massacre victims. Case insists that the Army faked the records, hid those of the 1,200 victims, and filled the all-black regiment with new recruits. Case insisted that the Army report must be a fake because it would not be logical to allow the Army to investigate itself. Case insists that the bodies are buried in a field which the Army later turned into a reservoir. --Stephen V Cole




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