Weapons Article Archive 2011


The Russo-Jordanian Super RPGIndia And The Mystery RifleAnother 7.62mm Bullet For M-16s
And One Battery To Power Them AllGreen Dot Versus Red DotUnbeatable Browning
Chinese Remote Weapons StationsSwitchblade Secretly Sent To Afghanistan 40mm MAG-D
A Little Wonder For Chinese PoliceMuzzle Brake BreakthroughsLRAD Conquers The Naval World
AK-74 Dies Of OverproductionAutonomous Kill Bots Continue A TrendSwitchblade Enters Service
Bombs Behaving OddlyThe Hundred Round M-16 MagazineBiggest Bunker Buster Ever Is In Production
The Sound Of PanicNew U.S. 60mm MortarMICO Machine Gunner's Assault Pack And A Mystery
Iran Duplicates Chinese Wonder WeaponAl Qaeda Deploys BB GunsLightweight 7.62mm Machine-Guns
A Pirate Friendly CannonThousands Of XM-25s Headed To The TroopsPC Bullets Survive Afghanistan
Deadly Things Come In Small PackagesSilent DeathThe Chinese Special
Spray And Pray Done Gone AwayChina Shuns Unstable Big GunsChinese Soldiers Shun Shotguns
South Korean Killer DroidsMk19 Gets A BrainNovel Way To Beat The Overheat
MP5 Gets ReplacedThe Thermal RevolutionAluminum And The Better Bang
A Super-Weapon That WorksThe Fabulous Fakes Of Afghanistan Russia Seeks A Foreign Replacement For The AK-47
Tavor TriumphsGermans Lead The WayAfghans Have To Earn The M24



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