Procurement: High Speed Paper Pushing


January 31, 2006: Desperation brings innovation. This can be seen in the recent delivery of ten BvS10 armored vehicles to the Dutch army. This was done eight months after the contract was signed, and 11 months after the Dutch first approached the manufacturer to obtain 78 of the vehicles. It usually takes years to get this done. Manufacturers are hustling for business in the post-Cold War world, and that means doing everything faster.

The BvS10 all terrain combat vehicles cost about $965,000 each and can haul five tons. The BvS10 is actually an articulated vehicle, with a tracked trailer connected by a power transfer and steering linkage. The front part weighs 4.9 tons, the rear part 3.1 tons. Because of this trailer arrangement, the vehicle has a 47 foot turning radius. Four passengers can be carried in the front car, and eight on the rear one. The vehicle is amphibious and has a top speed in the water of five kilometers an hour (compared to 65 kilometers an hour on land.) The vehicle was designed in Finland. The BvS10 can be used for amphibious operations, as well as logistics and carrying troops in combat zones. The Viking is also able to move through swampy terrain, as well as snow. Finland has lots of swamp and snow, and the BvS10 (and earlier models) were designed to deal with this kind terrain.




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