Procurement: November 30, 2003


The U.S. Congress has authorized the U.S. Navy to transfer three recently decommissioned warships to foreign nations. The frigates GEORGE PHILIP (FFG 12) and SIDES (FFG 14 ) are designated for Bahrain and Portugal, while the destroyer FLETCHER (DD 992) is for Chile. These nations may decline to accept these warships. The usual reason is that the ships cost more to operate than the receiving nations can afford. The GEORGE PHILIP entered service in 1980, the SIDES in 1981. Each of these OLIVER HAZARD PERRY class frigate displaces 4,100 tons and is armed with a Standard MR SAM launcher (with 36 missiles), four Harpoon anti-ship missiles, six anti-submarine torpedoes and one 20mm anti-missile gun system. There is also an anti-submarine helicopter and radar and sonar systems. These ships require a crew of 215. The FLETCHER is a SPRUANCE class destroyer that entered service in 1980. It displaces 9,200 tons and is armed with two five inch guns, a 61 cell VLS (vertical launch system) for launching Tomahawk and anti-aircraft missiles. There are also eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles, six anti-submarine torpedoes and two 20mm anti-missile gun systems. There are also two anti-submarine helicopters and radar and sonar systems.




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