Procurement: June 2, 2003


: Anyone need a Colossus class aircraft carrier? One can be had for a paltry $4.5 million. The last Second World War British-built aircraft carrier in existence is up on the block again, this time by the Vancouver firm of French Creek Boat Sales. During the Second World War, HMS Vengeance operated 1850 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Corsair fighters and 812 Squadron Barracuda dive bombers in raids off the coast of Italy. She was de-Commissioned in October 2001 after 40 years of service in the Brazilian Navy. 

A ship broker arranged the purchase of the ship for scrap in the face of rival Brazilian, Indian and Chinese (who have a fetish for surplus carriers) bids. There was a deal in the works by members of the British Friends of the Vengeance" Campaign to turn the Vengeance into a tourist attraction like New York City's USS Intrepid. Unfortunately, they have not been able to raise enough cash to buy the vessel and so the HMS Vengeance remains available, aircraft, paint and glue not included. - Adam Geibel 

Online sale at:

Online preservation group at:




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