Procurement: March 28, 2003


The latest model of the C-130 Hercules is the C-130J and 178 have been ordered so far. The latest buy is 60 by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps. The air force is getting 40 of the stretched fuselage version, while the marines are getting 20 of the normal length aerial tanker version. Both versions can carry about 20 tons of cargo, but the stretched version has the cargo compartment lengthened from 40 to 55 feet, allowing more stuff to be carried as long as the weight limit is not exceeded. The "J" model is 20 percent faster than older models and has 40 percent more range. It's easier to fly and maintain. It can carry 128 troops, versus 92 in older models. The C-130J has become easier to sell overseas because the Airbus military transport, the A400M, has run into more and more problems getting into production.




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