Procurement: February 20, 2003


Jordan has bought two C-295 military transports. The C-295 was introduced in late 1999 by Spanish manufacturer CASA. The C-295 is a two engine replacement for a lot of U.S. C-130 missions. The C-295 can carry up to 73 troops or five 88x108 standard pallets. For medical evacuation it can carry as many as 27 stretchers. Max payload is nine tons and max cruise speed is 480 kilometers an hour. Carrying a four ton load, it can fly 4,500 kilometers (1,400 kilometers with max payload). The C-295 can take off in as little as 320 meters and land using as little as 670 meters. Max takeoff weight is 23 tons. Basically, the C-295 is a stretched version of the earlier CN-235 aircraft, so it was a mature design to begin with. In addition, CASA worked to develop radars and electronic equipment so the C-295 could be sold as a maritime surveillance aircraft. The C-295 costs from $24-35 million each, depending on electronic equipment carried. The Spanish air force bought nine to get production started, but that was quickly followed by sales to Poland (8), Brazil (12) and the UAE (4). Many nations don't need the capacity and range of the larger, four engine C-130, so the C-295 is a better buy.




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