Procurement: September 7, 2001


Getting the most product for the least money is not always what the military buyer needs. A major problem with high performance military gear is the maintenance cost. A case in point is the AGT 1500 gas turbine engine used in the M1 tank. While this engine provides a lot of speed, it requires a lot of fuel and, more importantly, maintenance. Every AGT 1500 has had to be overhauled (removed and rebuilt) at least once. The last AGT 1500 was built in 1992 and the Army is spending $196 million to build and test 24 gas turbine engines of a new, and easier to maintain, design. The new LV100-5 has 43 percent fewer parts and will require less than half as much maintenance. The new engine is smaller, lighter, quieter and emits no visible exhaust. 




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