Procurement: January 27, 2001


The top ten prime defense contractors in the United States for 2000 were (amount in billions);

Lockheed Martin Corp. ($15.1)
The Boeing Co. ($12.0)
Raytheon Corp. ($6.3)
General Dynamics Corp. ($4.1)
Northrop Grumman Corp. ($3.1)
Litton Industries Inc. ($2.7)
United Technologies Corp. ($2.1)
TRW Inc. ($2.0)
General Electric Co. ($1.6)
Science Applications International Corp. ($1.5)

The total is some $50 billion, out of the $300 billion annual defense spending. Most of the rest goes to salaries and benefits for the troops, as well as maintenance and operating costs for all their weapons and equipment. The top ten prime contractors above get most of their money from manufacturing aircraft, ships and electronics. 




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