Procurement: French Support for Ukraine


March 22, 2024: France is expanding its training programs for the Ukrainian military in 2024. France has already trained 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers over the last two years. In 2024, the training program will be expanded. While France also supplies Ukraine with weapons and equipment, they have also provided training for Ukrainian soldiers. The training expands the skills experienced Ukrainian soldiers already have and provides new soldiers with essential combat procedures. Many newly mobilized Ukrainian soldiers get little training and are wounded or killed faster than better trained troops. The French training program takes place in France and Poland and is part of EUMAM, or European Union military assistance mission to support Ukraine.

In addition to training troops in combat procedures and tactics, there is also technical training for Ukrainian soldiers who operate and maintain equipment. France has supplied Ukraine with Caesar truck mounted self-propelled artillery, the Crotale air defense missile system, AMX 10-RC tanks, and the SAMP/T air defense system.

There is also specialist training for tasks like medical care in the combat zone, how to perform reconnaissance missions in tanks or using UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Reconnaissance using tanks is also called combat reconnaissance because troops in armored vehicles can get past or some enemy resistance to get a closer look at what the UAVs have already spotted.

French trainers also provide training for Ukrainian officers, often men who were civilians who got mobilized, displayed resourcefulness and leadership ability, and were promoted to officer rank. These officers had little formal training on how best to organize tactical combat units. There are several options, and the French trainers describe the options and how best to use them. Many of the Ukrainian trainees will be commanding company or battalion size units but the French trainers also point out how company and battalion size units operate in a brigade. This is the largest size unit used by Ukraine and usually has two or more battalions as well as some independent company sized units. The French trainers provide examples on how these organizations have worked in combat and what practices to avoid.

Until 2024 the French training concentrated on army operations. In 2024 the training will expand to include air force and navy training. France has already provided money and technical assistance needed to upgrade Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-24M aircraft so they can use bombs and missiles supplied by France and other NATO countries.




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