Procurement: UH-60M Battle Hawk


September 19, 2008:  In the Persian Gulf, UH-60 Black Hawk transport helicopters are being turned into gunships. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has ordered 14 American UH-60M transport helicopters, and some interesting accessories. The package includes six spare engines, and an defensive electronic warfare system for each helicopter (including laser and radar warning sensors as well as defenses against anti-aircraft missiles.) This purchase includes weapons systems for the new, and existing, UAE UH-60s. This includes equipping 23 of these aircraft to use Hellfire missiles. That includes 30 Hellfire launchers and 390 Hellfire missiles and 23,916 70mm (2.75 inch) unguided rockets. Gun systems include 22 of the three barrel 12.7mm GAU-19 Gatling gun (weighing 500 pounds.) The GAU-19 can also deliver 33 rounds a second. Also, 93 of the GAU-2/M-134 six barrel 7.62mm minigun, which can fire 66 rounds a second.





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