Leadership: Iran Looks For a Fight


July 28, 2007: In Iran, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is rapidly losing popularity and respect. It's feared that his only option is to somehow get the United States to attack Iran. This would instantly boost Ahmadinejad's popularity, and save his political career. For a while, anyway. Why is this happening?

Ahmadinejad has made a fool of himself, with his constant calls for the destruction of Israel and, worse yet, claims that he would turn the economy around and reduce corruption. Ahmadinejad has been inept in running the economy, and has made things worse. He has not been able to make a dent in the corruption, because so many of the dirty officials are senior clerics. These fellows have no intention of getting prosecuted and jailed, and have been able to fend off Ahmadinejad.

The grass roots support Ahmadinejad has is largely gone. People openly mock him in the streets. The few pro-Ahmadinejad demonstrations are obviously paid for. Ahmadinejad indulges in some corrupt practices himself by busing in some poor rural supporters he still has. The dress and demeanor of these people is obvious in the media coverage given to these demonstrations. Many of the demonstrators, after talking to the locals, go away anti-Ahmadinejad, now that they know how screwed up things are throughout the country, and how their hero has lied to them.

As a result of this, Coalition troops in the area are on their guard for provocations by the Iranians. The kidnapping of fifteen British troops earlier this year was but one of several attempts to grab foreign troops, and try to trigger a military response. Increasing Iranian support for Iraqi terrorists is another attempt to provoke an attack. So is the continued Iranian work on nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad must next face election in 2009, but if he loses a few key supporters among the senior clergy, he might just be made to disappear before that.




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