Leadership: April 6, 2000


US COMMANDERS GIVE SIT-REP: The US commanders-in-chief around the world have issued new reports on their theaters:

@ Central Command is still involved in the "quasi-war" against Iraq as aircraft duel with anti-aircraft sites. The more dangerous problem, however, is Iran, which is determined to be the dominant power in the Persian Gulf. Without a direct military confrontation with the US, Iran is free to pursue diplomatic and economic inroads into other Gulf countries and Central Asia.

@ European Command is almost totally fixated on the Balkans, but has been increasingly tasked to send troops and equipment on humanitarian missions into Africa (which is part of Europe under the US CinC system). 

@ Pacific Command is focused on Korea (regarded as the most likely place for the US to fight a war in the next decade) and the Taiwan Straits (likely to erupt in conflict if US deterrence is reduced).

@ Southern Command is setting up operating bases in South America to support anti-drug operations, and is awaiting the Congressional vote on $1.6 billion in military and anti-drug aid to Colombia. There is considerable concern that the US may have thousands of troops in combat in Colombia by 2010.--Stephen V Cole




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