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Military Jokes and Humor stories have always amused and entertained. We know that there are hundreds and hundreds of military jokes out there. We thought we would try to share as many with you as possible.

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Killed bin LadenFish FoodU.S. Releases Osama Bin Laden Photo
More Osama bin Laden JokesOsama Bin Laden Death Jokes from TwitterSAS Stop Clumsy Thief
Who Is Going to Afghanistan First?'HOSNI MUBARAK' EXPLAINs WHY EGYPT LOVES HIMNew British Destroyer
Suicide IncentivesFIREPOWERMarine Corp Bumper Stickers
TSA Pin-Up of the YearTSA Bumper StickersQuality, Not Quantity
British Suicide Bombers on Strike!Parody of Hitler ParodiesFacebook World War II
SeriouslyGo NavyGurkhas
The US NavyWhat's Wrong With This Picture?Firepower
The First and Second Amendment CombinedLooking Good in CombatNancies
Pick A WinnerDiplomacyArmy of One
AppearancesReal TalentCow vs. Biplane
Suprise, SupriseTank MouseBritish Military Budget Cuts
Harry Potter Joins the MarinesAir Force's New Demo TeamAir Force's New Demo Team
The Navy Invented SexWisdom From Avaition/Military ManualsYou May Be a Taliban, If ...
Pray for MeFully Accessorized RifleMental Health Outsourcing
New Taliban Secret WeaponFellow RepublicanWords Hurt
THE Marine Corps Version of Genesis 1Military rules, by ServiceMid-Air Refueling
Talking Dog for SaleReal Army LeadersPolitically Correct Nelson at Trafalgar
Port-a-Potty TerroristWhat is your weirdest mobile call?Why It Pays to Know English - Warning Soldier Language
'My Plane''Kiss Me Sarge'Hello, Senator Kennedy
Late to WorkSurroundedNew Terrorist Weapon
Paging Mr. Al KyderTrusting a Mad ManInsurgents Interviewed in Iraq
New Digital CockpitProposed Air Force Memorial ChangeNew Navy Recruiting Ad: WARNING RACY CONTENT
Peter Rabbit Tank KillerDear FriendLanding Accident
How to Prepare for a Deployment to IraqIraqi ExplorerLSD In Combat
Marine JokesMcHale's Navy LivesMilitary Common Sense Rules
Laziest SoldierWhen the Chief DiesMilitary Rules for the Non-Military Personnel
Military Work RulesBaghdad Bob's Last Press ConferenceBody Doubles
The Cannonical List of French JokesFighter Pilot Jokes French Victories
Iraqi NavyCannonical Murphy's Laws of CombatNavy/Air Force Joint Operation
New Irai Town NamesOld MarinePriceless Protest
Rules of Combat Saddam's Lesser-Known RelativesUptight Colonel
More Things You Can't Do in the ArmyWar is HellNew French Army Knife
Kilroy � Alive and Well at 65From South Park to Afghanistan and Hating ItHow Fast Can You Fly Backward? Or Why Helicopter Pilots are Superior
Towel HeadsInnovative Ways to Deal With a Random Drug Test (you have to do it in a cup in front of a witness.)Chickens, Crossing Roads, and Iraq
Mini-CVSecret Weapon IdentifiedFlyboy Goes to Heaven
The Army and the Air Force Try to Work TogetherA Marine In HellRules of dating a Drill Instructors daughter
A Lesson in Naval LogisticsNew Air Force UniformWhat the Rangers Think of the Marines
The Baghdad DietPilot Talking Rules About Pilots
Staff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED)Staff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part IIMilitary Alphabet
Staff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part IIIDIRTSafer in Iraq
Staff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part IVMarine Bumper StickersStaff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part V
Naval CombustiblesOne of God's HelpersNew Enlistment Oaths
Useful Latin TermsStaff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part VITime to Reevaluate United States involvement
Staff officers say the strangest things..... (UNCLASSIFIED) Part VIITop Five Warning Signs of Serious Troop Behavior ProblemsThe Five Most Dangerous Things in the Army
Failed Al Qaeda Recruiting PostersSlipping Gear Could Ruin Your DayProof Kerry Was In Cambodia
Combat Never ForgetsAeronautical HumorOperator Instructions That Could Save Your Life
Stress ManagementNew Officer Efficiency ReportsPonchoman
Military RulesNew Army AwardIf Today's Media Reported the Battle of Midway
Joint Rules for the Army-Navy-Air Force-Marine Corps GameThere's Something about a Gunny . . . . How to Clear an Outhouse
Shopping in Israel12 Step Program for the MilitaryHow to Make Tanks
Military Life, In Their Own WordsJust A Little PuddleMarine Corps Bumper Stickers
The Power of SergeantsSergeants' MethodsHow to Cross a River
More French Bashing (all in good fun...)Warning US MarinesMarine Corps Close Ground Support
New Military Hand SignalsNew HUD Message - WARNING Explicit LanguageArmy Ranger, Marines and crocodile shoes....
How to Wash a Hand GrenadeMogmarts - Preventative Maintenance SpoofYou Know You have been in Iraq too long when. ...
Camp New York Ain't No FunUpdated, Improved and Expanded Murphy's Laws of CombatThe Laws of Aviation
Outhouse Attacked by FriendliesHow To Simulate The Life Of A SailorWasting Away in Baghdad
Rangers Versus Special Forces: Hostage Rescue Zamboni vs F-22New Airline Cockpit Defense
Apache Speed TrapThunder DronesHow Long?
PowerPoint QuotesWhat Does That Shirt Say?A Plane to Fear
What Really Happened to the Submarine KurskThe New Automated AEF ProcessDancing Machines
If World War II Was an RTSThings Go Better With CokeSuper Tomcat
Multi-Seat F-14What If the Iraq War was a RTSJane's Reserved Seat
Reliability?Anciet Wars as an RTSIf Braveheart was a RTS
Sniper FeelingNew Marine Bumper StickerNew Doctrinal Terms for the US Military
A Pilot's True LoveCalling Card (WARNING VERY NAUGHTY DOUBLE ENTENDRE)Amphibious Abrams?
Non-Aggressive MarineArmy StaffingArmy Football Practice for Army/Navy Game Delayed
Burt Ruttan B-17The Chief's ParrotCracks on Navy Helicopter
Doing The Work OfA Medal for Horatius A Medal for Horatius
Taking Care of the Guantanamo Detainees
Moose on the LooseMurphy�s Laws of ArmorWhat NCOs have noticed about Officers
New French RecruitChanges to Recruit TrainingSaddam's Nightmare
Seals vs. Green BeretSpam SaddamTaliban Kitty Captured
Things to Remember During a WarA True Story from AfghanistanX-treme Deer Hunting
Bush Fuels Hate of Satan, Albright SaysHow to Simulate Life in the ArmyNew French Threat Levels
Lessons LearnedSixteen All-Time Biggest REAL Soldier LiesModern Military Terms
Mordor War ProtestsMurphy's Laws of CombatNavy Life vs Marine Life
A New Navy-Marine Corp TeamNew Military Shoulder PatchYou know you're an "Old Soldier" when....
National Guard in IraqOsama Associate InterrogatedHow to be Politically Correct when talking about Males and Males in the Army.
Performance Reviews: How To Interpret Pilot Jokes Priceless
Real SergeantsSaddam's FutureWhere Saddam Was Really Found
Seal RunNew Army HeadgearSniper Cat
New Military Map SymbolsThen and Now Before the Trouble Starts
The New USAF Uniform V-2US Military Phone MessageThe Value of Training
WALL-TO-WALL COUNSELING FM 22-102Our Favorite Iraqi War ProtestorsWest Point Jokes
WMD on GoogleGitmo Vacation Get AwayKofi Annan Announces Hans Blix's New UN Position
The New Chrysler New Yorker 2002Swimming SwedesHow to Tell the Difference Between the Branches of the US Armed Forces!
Your Picture with the Chief of StaffChildren's Television Workshop Closes Investigation of Bert/Osama RelationshipThe Fifteen Commandments of Operational Security
Sarge Pull His FingerRemember PeacePure Stealth
A Marine 24 x 7"Right, I said Right!"Military's New Ribbon System to Lift Everyone's Self Esteem
New Additions to FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms & GraphicsThe New Call for Fire Procedure for the Army of OneOperation Taliban Eradication
Origin of the Commissioned Officer Insignias (a bit off color)Pilots and Their GunsUS Army Voice Mail Message
Aviation HumorJust What the Doctor OrderedSalty Sailor Talk. WARNING: Offensive Language.
Which Military Service Has Big Brass Ones?New F-16 Load-Out DisplayFire When Ready, Gridley - Navy & Urnials
1stSGT RapHumorous and Politically Incorrect Artifact from WWIIThe Army and the Chicken
DoD's Twelve Days of ChristmasMarine Palm PilotPan Am Opens Air Service to Bagdad
Holiday GreetingThe Night They Gunned Down Santa Claus"What Time Is It?"
A Helping HandThe Complete Military History of France Saddam's New Bodyguards
The French Soldier's Magazine of ChoiceUS Response to France's Resistance Over War with IraqSome German History
New RecruitMadeleine Albright Finally Discovers Her True HeritageA Navy for the 21st Century
I Am A Bomb Technician ...British Officer Fitness ReportsCamouflage Ink Blot Test
New Chinese Military WokDefense Computer Car Catapult
COTS DefinedDear MarineThe Difference Between the Infantry, the Artillery and the Armored
DoD's Twelve Days of ChristmasDuckDumbest Officers?
ExpectationsF-16 RecoveryFast Attack Carrier
French Baath PartyInnovation In Military FundingFunny Flight Stories
The proper use of the F____ word The Gettysburg Address for the 21st CenturyRules of the Air
J8 AttackNew Addition to the FleetPower Point Patton
An Army of OneEverything I Ever Needed To Know About Life, I Learned As a Helicopter Crewman In Vietnam Beret Briefing Apology
The Pattern of U.S. Military Operations Since World War IITHE BALLAD OF THE POWER POINT RANGERBeret Briefing

Which Branch of the Service Do Your Prefer?

How to Simulate Being in the Navy The Ultimate Differential Theory of US Armed Forces (Snake Model)
In Fighter Pilot Heaven:Cuban Government Lodges ProtestWho is the Rhodes Scholar???
President Bush's Adopt a Detainee Program Skippy's ListSex Under the Sea
The Alliance of Really Nice CountriesA Hard LessonTaliban Dating Service
Taliban TV GuideUNEP issues environmental warning to AfghanistanThe Axis of Just as Evil
Nation Building with Silly PuttyThe Night Before PaybackSpecial Forces Challenge
Osama's To Do ListBin Laden Releases New VideoAmerican Capitalists Strike Back
Magic Carpet RideDo Your Patriotic DutyOsama Escapes ...
Closer Than They AppearAir Force Come an' Flatten Your HomeCan Osama Come Out And Play?
Navy Deploys Carrier Based Stealth BombersShark Eats SealAir Force Introduces Semi-Smart Bombs
Enforced by AircraftLegal Non-Lethal Effects?"Special Forces" Strike Back
Game Review of ChessAim HighThe Dog of War Unleashed
Bomb Squad HumorStrange But True! A Military Spec Never Dies It Just Goes On and On and ...
"With All Due Respect . . . ."Big Trouble, Truth Revealed About EP-3 "Accident"EP-3 Saftey Modification
New Army UniformBoeing's Other Fine ProductsElected To Receive
Kabul Weather Forecast.Osama Bin Laden Found Hiding in US.United and American Airlines Announce New Non-Stop Service to Afghanistan.
Proposed Design for New World Trade Center.China Blames U. S. for Second Mid-Air Collision New Recruit Training Standards
BUSH DEPLOYS VOWELS TO BOSNIAWarranty Registration CardSubmarine Launched Fighter
Yet Another Apology LetterOfficial Apology Letter to China for the "Incident"EP-3's Real Mission

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