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Marine Jokes

Marine Jokes

In response to our West Point jokes one of our readers sent us the following:

  1. Why do marines think they are better than everyone else?
    ������ "'Cause R ooniforms R more perttier."
  2. What happens to a soldier when he starts to believe his own B.S.?
    ������ He becomes a marine.
  3. Why do the marines have the lowest intelligence test entry standards of all the services?
    ������ Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  4. How do you get rid of a bunch of marines?
    ������ Easy, just tell them that CNN is two blocks over.
  5. US Marine Corps. oath of enlistment:
    ������ I, (state your name), swear...duhhh...high and tight...(grunt) cammies...uhhh...perty uniform...air force women...OORAH! So help me corps.
    ������ _________________________
    ������ (Make your mark and have someone sign it for you)

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