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What If the Iraq War was a RTS

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*** buSH has joined #international_diplomacy

buSH: going to rush saddam wanna join.
JacCHrik: noway man not rdy yet wait
coaler: cant join need better gov rating.

buSH: right! You guys are allied with saDDam huh.
JacCHrik: buSH you noob wait we help later.
BuSH: FU I go now

*** JacCHrik has left #international_diplomacy

buSH: LOL. We don't need you cheese eating surrender monkeys! coal, you in? great blitzkrieg area
coaler: nine gov rating to low need to wait.

***coalerhas left #international_diplomacy

*** saDDAm has joined #international_diplomacy

buSH: hey saDy, give us weapons, give us tribute or we invade
saDDam: we got nothing our techtree soks
buSH: ya right we saw you plaster your internal revolt
saDDam: big mistake hit wrong key. no money no tech
buSH: let us send units in to see, share your map with us
SaDDam: right do I Iook stupid, you see what I have then rush me
***SaDDAm left #international_diplomacy

*** buSH has joined channel #unilateralism

bagDadBob: we winning buSH soks
buSH: look east, look west, look south, look in the middle your captial.
BagDadBob: WTF where they come from, cheat you haked the game, where you get that hak

***iraq has been eliminated

*** bagDadBob has left the channel.

buSH: awesome we rule mission accomplished!
***buSH cheers
***buSH does a dance

****GENgarner has joined� #occupation
****GENgarner has left #occupation
****pBremer has joinded #occupation
pBremer: cool I have palaces
*** zarCOWI has joined #occupation

zarCOWI: we have bombs.
pBremer: us too
zarCOWI: we strap ours to women and childern
pBremer: WTF, sh** you crazy
**** pBremer has disconnected
****pBremer has rejoined #occupation
pBremer: d**** power need to get that fixed

***zarCOWI has developed IDE
***US units capture saDDAM
***saDDAM joins prison channel

*** msm has joined #press

msm: look,� I found bad pictures� gross out. people being tortured I thought this game was rated for everyone need to report to hilliary and company
zarCOWI: buSH soks.
buSH: great now the rating police are going to shut the game down.

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