India-Pakistan: February 11, 2002



A Moslem Indian gangster was extradited from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to India. The man had taken responsibility for organizing an attack on a US cultural center in India last month, after he had fled to the Persian Gulf. Criminal gangs are big business throughout South Asia, from the Persian Gulf to India and points east. Many of the gangs operate quite openly and often defy the police and courts successfully. Gang wars frequently involve bombings and public shoot outs. In Pakistan, the ISI was known to cut deals with some of the gangs, looking the other way for certain criminal activity in return for help with local and overseas matters. India and the UAE signed an extradition treaty in 1999 at the UAEs urging because of Indian gangsters who would scam people in the Persian Gulf and then flee to India. Some Indian (and Pakistani) gangsters would flee to the UAE (which has a large South Asian population) when things got too hot back home. But India and Pakistan often provided sufficient hiding places.


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