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We Few, Against The WorldAnswering To A Higher AuthorityEmpty Victories
How To Be Unpopular and Love ItThe Night Of The GeneralsHeading For The Hungry Hills
God Tells Them To Keep The Girls IgnorantThe Older Guys Are Shoving BackTerrorists Trounced in the Tribal Territories
Grinding The Bastards DownBombs And Bribes DeployedTribal Suicide
Why The Taliban Are LovedSecret Pleasures RevealedArmed, Starving And Dangerous
Working With Liars And ThievesA New Deal In The Tribal TerritoryStanding Back And Hoping For The Best
Taliban Selects A New Target-In-ChiefThe Great Taliban HuntSuicide Squads In The Snow Melt
Delaying The Big PushTaliban Face Another MutinyHunting Season
Dropping Bombs On FrankensteinPopular Uprising Against The TalibanThings That Cannot Be Said
Taliban Turns On TerrorismMan On The RunTaliban Terror Triggers Retaliation
The Courage of CowardsTaliban Calls For A Timeout, Are IgnoredThe Big Shift
Taliban Head For The HillsTerrible Taliban Terror Trips And FallsTribal Terror Takes A Dive
The Curse And The CureFearing The Wrong EnemyHillbilly Logic
Terrified Taliban UniteTaliban Are A Symptom, Not The DiseaseDisastrous Delayed Decisions
Taliban Truce Betrayed By RealityDying To Be A PeacekeeperGetting Punked In Pakistan
Tribal ShowdownBad OfficersComing Out Swinging In Swat
Murdering Women Declared LegalHustling For A Nuclear HolocaustReality Shock

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