India-Pakistan: December 27, 2001


: Pakistan has already banned the two major terrorist groups in the country; Jaish e-Mohammed (JeM) and Lashkar e-Tayyiba (LeT). These organizations support a lot of the armed activity in Kashmir and attacks in India. But despite India's demands, Pakistan has not sent in police and the army to destroy their camps and arrest the leadership. India and Pakistan continue to escalate their confrontation, with both nations closing their air space to air traffic from the other nation. Both nations have recalled half their diplomatic staff in the other country. The Pakistani government has a problem in that many army officers are sympathetic with JeM and LeT, or openly assist them. There is also the problem with ISI, which for years has worked with the terrorists to support operations in Kashmir and now, according to Indian accusations, in India as well. India says it has the right to attacks terrorist camps inside Pakistan, citing the U.S. led War on Terrorism as a justification. Indian civilians living near the Pakistani border are fleeing their homes. Meanwhile, many see a potential war as a religious conflict. 


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