India-Pakistan: December 22, 2001



Fighting across the Line of Control in Kashmir has increased, with mortars and machine-guns being used. All these Kashmir problems go back to a now deceased Pakistani president backed armed rebellion in Kashmir in the late 1980s. Pakistan's current government would rather go back to the negotiation approach to the Kashmir dispute. But the Islamic radicals have made the armed struggle in Kashmir a religious issue. So Pakistan has to confront the growing Islamic fundamentalism in order to deal with the Kashmiri rebels and a possible nuclear war with India. The religious radicals are not too worried about the use of nuclear weapons, as they are doing God's will. But everyone else is concerned about the nukes, and the United States is caught in the middle of the Kashmir dispute. America has declared war on terrorism, but needs the help of Pakistan to clear the terrorists out of Pakistan. There is a pro-US government in Pakistan at the moment, but a large Islamic radical movement in Pakistan. America doesn't want to condemn Pakistan along with the terrorists. But this is what India is demanding unless Pakistan does something, fast, about the Kashmiri militants based in Pakistan.


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