Afghanistan Article Archive 2012



The Attitude ProblemThe Power In PushtunstanPretending To Be Islamic Heroes
Taliban Crippled By Heroin AddictionChina Begins Pumping Lots Of OilThe Conspiracy
Breaking The CycleKilling For The CamerasAvoiding The Looks That Kill
The Tendency Towards Trigger-Happy Temper TantrumsThe Tragic FlawIt's Just Not Right
The Perilous Pushtun ParadoxDeath To SinnersA Karzai Pays His Debts
Anger Management IssuesWon't Be Fooled Yet AgainThe Lords Of Darkness Count The Days
You Can Hustle The East If You Keep At ItCan't Keep Killing Without CashWhere Self-Preservation Is A Full Time Occupation
We Don't Care What The West ThinksBloodless MoneyPaper Victories
Who Do You Hate The MostA Ploy, Not A PromiseWhy They Fight
What Is At Stake Here