Afghanistan Article Archive 2011



Taliban Take A TumbleWill Kill For CashBad Habits Are Hard To Break
Zombies And The Forces Of DarknessDealing DirectHonor And Anger Management
And Live Islamically Ever AfterThe Indian MenaceThe Bottom Of The Barrel Is In Sight
Violence, Followed By More ViolenceGetting Rich Doing God's Work The Taliban And The Impossible Dream
Women And Children FirstThe Pushtun Problem PersistsThe Flush Foreigners Are Not Amused
Willing To Kill To Keep The Cash FlowingAfter You've GoneIt's The Way We Do Things Out Here
Epic Fail For OsamaA Celebration Of SpringIt's Time This Beast Got Put Down
Why The Occupiers Are HatedGo Away, Leave The MoneyDown But Not Out
To Know You Is To Kill YouAnother FinalePatience As A Weapon
Something To Die ForThe Tradition Continues