Afghanistan Article Archive 2006



Dealing With the WankersTaliban Terror IntensifiedBlame Pakistan
Drugs Defeat DemocracyPicking on the CanadiansAlexander the Great Left Here
Dying For Cash and TraditionsThe Non-CountryTaliban Refuse a Peace Offer
Taliban Changing Tactics You Can't Hustle the East Terror on Trial
Stopping the Pakistan Invasion Where the Present And The Future Are The Enemy Blood Money
Taliban Announce a Retreat How Do You Fight That? Living With Defeat
Taliban Losing, Drug Gangs Winning Taking On Triumphant Tradition Taliban Terror Turns Off Tribes
How Soon We Forget The Taliban Take on Heresy The Taliban Sends in the Pundits
NATO Goes To War Tribes Turn on Taliban Taliban Terror Effort Falters
Tradition Taliban Bungle Their Bombs Tribal Feuds More Important Than Taliban Threat
Taliban Terror Tactics Backfire The Dying Tribes Drug Dealing Religious Fanatics Are Fighting For Freedom
The Taliban Have a Plan Xenophobia Rules Taliban Offensive Shot to Pieces
Taliban Video Cameras Eat Dust Squeezing the Taliban to Death Tilting at Windmills
The Broadening Border War Taliban Spring Offensive Sputters Forward PR Disasters for the Taliban
Taliban Offensive Off to Sloppy Start Suicide Missions More Islamic Than Thou
Typical Taliban Terror Tactics Spring Offensive Sprung Taliban Overtaken By Drug Threat
Canadians Replace U.S. Troops The Taliban Spring Offensive Putting The Pressure on Pakistan
Big Taliban Attack Busted Up The Primacy of Tribal Politics The Kashmir Effect
Blame Pakistan Taliban Reorganize to Stave off Defeat In Memory of Alexander the Great