Surface Forces: July 30, 2005


India just commissioned the second of three Improved Godavari class warships, the INS Beas. The 415 foot long, 4,400 ton (full load) warship is officially classified as a guided missile frigate. But its anti-aircraft missile system, the Indian made Trishul anti-aircraft missile system is not installed yet (the missile is still in development). Israeli Barak missiles, which is a short range, point defense system, has been ordered as a replacement until the Trishul completes development. The ship also carries one anti-submarine helicopter, and a second, smaller chopper. Sixteen Russian Kh-35 anti-ship missiles (similar to the U.S. Harpoon) are carried. There is a 76mm gun, and four Russian 30mm AK-630 gun systems for close in anti-missile defense. Anti-submarine torpedoes are carried. Radars and sonar are all Indian made. Crew size is 313. Top speed is 52 kilometers an hour (about 20 percent less than most modern destroyers.) These ships are actually quite capable destroyers, being able to deal with submarines, surface ships and aircraft (or anti-ship missiles.) 




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