Support: Electric Trucks


January24, 2007: With the proliferation of electronic and electrical equipment on the battlefield, there's a growing power shortage out there. So the U.S. Army has developed a new version of its 13 ton HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck). The HEMTT A3 uses its diesel engine to drive a generator, which produces over 100 kilowatts of power. Normally, this electricity runs electric motors that move the truck. But put the truck in park, and the power is available for other uses, like powering a military base in a remote location. The HEMTT A3 has already undergone nearly 20,000 kilometers of on, and off, road testing. The main concern at this point is that the new equipment is rugged enough for regular army use. This includes surviving heavy use for twenty years or more. In 2005, a HEMTT A3 prototype was sent to New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina hit, and provided power for a hospital. If this new "Propulse" technology survives its remaining tests, it will be installed in other models of army trucks as well.