Warplanes: India Seeks a Little Bird


November 1, 2007: India is
looking to buy 200 micro-UAVs for its infantry units. The Indians are looking
at the U.S. Raven (4.6 pounds, endurance 45 minutes), the Israeli Bird Eye 400
(12.3 pounds, 60 minutes) and Skylark (10 pounds, 90 minutes),  the Singapore Fantail (12 pound
mini-helicopter with 30 minutes endurance), and the European Tracker (16.5
pounds, 60 minutes.) The Raven has an edge because it has the most combat
experience (and is well liked by users), while the Israeli entries are favored
because the Indians have had good experiences with Israeli equipment of late.
Some 90 percent of the mini-UAVs in use are Ravens, and the manufacturer is
having difficulty keeping up with demand. The U.S. Army has over 3,000 Ravens,
and more are on order from them, as well as other services and foreign military