Warplanes Article Archive 2007


U.S. UAV PlansPredator AttritionMust Have F-35s First
Grounded F-15 Pilots ImproviseThe Crew DisappearsSu-27SM
Buy American, Or ElseCamouflage DevelopmentsJapanese F-3 Replaces F-22
The Chinese SkyCatcherThe Return Of The U.S. Army Air ForceUAVs on Patrol
British Apaches See It AllThose Who Lurk and ListenEnd of the Line for Mirage
Russia Sticks It To The PhalconPimp My Su-24The GPS Edge In Training
F-15Cs Fly AgainHermes 450 Gets HeftSu-30s Over America
U-2s For Turks Against KurdsHERTI Survives AfghanistanThe Class of 2008
New A-10C ConnectsChina's Boeing Based AWACSSu-30s Replaces MiG-25s
Indian Air Force Gets ScrewedUAV CockpitsCheap Alternatives To Expensive Jets
The Bored Skies Over IraqIndia Seeks a Little BirdMi-28 Replacing Mi-24
Reaper Finally Reaps SomeoneBears Get BUFFed UpSmaller Is Sometimes Better
Sixth Generation Goes RoboticRussia Aims Past the F-22Future Heavy Bomber Loses Its Crew
Israeli UAVs Go For the HeightsCleaning Up The CockpitLong Range Helicopter UAV
High Speed UAVs From ChinaReaper Goes To WarF-35 Gets an R2D2 Unit
Everyone Loves RavenCanadian UAV BluesApache Goes Broadband
Chinese Spies Build a GunshipIsraeli Equipped Su-30s Replace Mig-25sRed Flag For Arabs
F-22 Prepped For CASA Simulating ConversionRussian Heavies Return to the Skies
China's Plan To Destroy American Air SuperioritySu-24 Breakdown BonusWhere Have All The Aces Gone?
U.S. Army Aircraft Drops a Smart BombF-22ski Flies AgainAH-64s Rigged For External Passengers
Battle Support Helicopter From PolandIranian F-14s Fly AgainA-10C Goes To War
The Much Dreaded Day Has ArrivedBlackwater Buys Brazilian BombersWhy The F-35 Will Smoke the Russians
Aerial Refuelings of UAVsUSAF Introduces a One Pound AircraftThe F-35 Edge
Stalker Replaces RavenThe Uncertainty of Old AgeF-22s Aimed at North Korea
Intelligent SwarmsIranian Azarakhsh Triumphs AgainRobotic Co-Pilot Allowed to Take the Controls
Robots Allowed To Mingle With AirlinersMarines Go For The ShadowsReplacing AH-64s With Armed UH-60s
Israel Doubles Its F-16I FleetVenezuela Ready for the Su-30UAVs Replacing F-16s
Hunter Versus PredatorMexico Rolls Its OwnRussia Does UAVs Differently
Big Heron Flies Above It AllAn Unprecedented CapabilityA Century of Helicopters
First UH-72A UnitSon of SR-71 On The WayUH-1s Forever
Keeping UAV SecretsJapan Rolls Its OwnPakistan's Swedish Delight
The War Against the HH-47Israeli UAVs Go EastRussia's Got the Jet Engine Blues
JHMCS For TwoCOIN Makes A ComebackGot Growlers
Chinese Fighters Get SatComPakistan Gets the Super Pods and Smart BombsGuerillas Form an Air Force
Offering More Fighter For The BuckGlobal Hawk Base in the PacificWorking the Gunships Hard
MiG-31MAnother Attempt to Create the F-22skiRussia Adopts A Two Gunship Approach
Apache BluesHUD Begins to Fade AwayDroid Wingman Passes Flight Test
MiGs Over NevadaDown and DeadlyPolish F-16 Pilots to Train in Israel
British Tornados Get Sharp EyesUSAF Bites the Bullet on UAV PilotsThe F-4ski Fades Away
Rafale Goes to Afghanistan On A Marketing MissionReaper Goes RoboticMiG-29 Forever, Or At Least Until 2033
Reviving the Tu-160Making Every Bomb Count in AfghanistanIsraeli Predator Competitor
Retired Fighters Return as ZombiesThe Cure For Bad ManagementUSAF Gets 20mm Hot Shot
Blackwaters Little BirdsStationary UAVsOld, Unappreciated and Desperately Needed
Helicopter Simulators and Surviving in IraqRaven RompsThe F-22 Learns How to Play Well With Others
Fighters Threatened by Cheap RobotsTerrorists Lie In WaitFrance and Algeria
Sukhoi Soars on Su-27 SuccessNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished in Iraq.JSOW Goes Navy
The Tiny, Mighty Air Force in AfghanistanAircraft That Can Feel PainLet There Be Longbow All Around
Russia Loses the Quantity WarWho's Afraid of the Big, Bad J-10?Little Guys Become Low Riders
Apache Gets HighU.S. Army Halts UAV DevelopmentThe Indian Air Force Gets Some Respect



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