Warplanes: February 5, 2001


Warplane production, after falling steadily in the 1990s, is on the rise again. Last year 214 were produced world wide (worth $10.9 billion.) Forecasts and order indicate that number will increase to about 400 warplanes by 2005 (worth some $18 billion). The world’s air forces still can choose from hundreds of high quality used warplanes offered for sale. In addition, many nations are spending billions of dollars to upgrade existing aircraft. 

February 2, 2001; Chile has selected the F-16C50/52 fighter to replace its old A-37 counter-insurgency attack  aircraft. At least a dozen will be purchased. The F-16 (Block 50/52) was selected in a stiff competition including  the F-18 Hornet, Mirage-2000-5, and Swedish JAS-39




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